Indians Overpay for Internet, Nation Currently ranks 44th in the Global Index

Indians overpay for the internet, and the nation currently ranks 44th in the global index

Indians overpay for the internet, and the nation currently ranks 44th in the global index

PAKEONG, January 31: Indians are overpaying for the internet, according to a recent Surfshark analysis. The Global Internet Value Index (IVi), a report that rates countries depending on how much their citizens overpay for an Internet connection, was recently produced by a VPN service. In it, India ranks 44th. The index seeks to examine internet connectivity from a practical standpoint, examining whether consumers are receiving value for their money.

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In order to assess whether countries are overpaying for their internet, the Global Internet Value Index (IVi) is calculated by dividing each country’s internet speed (including fixed broadband and mobile internet) by the affordability Internet.
The factors considered are (Mbps) working time for fixed broadband Internet (in hours), working time for mobile Internet (in hours), average fixed broadband download speed (Mbps) and average dial-up Internet download speed Mobile (Mbps). Ranked 44th and with an index of 0.0542, 26% lower than the global average, Indians are overpaying for their internet services. However, the overall picture is not positive. South Asia performs lowest among the five Asian sub-regions, with an index 79% below the Asian average. It was discovered that due to the lower than usual indicators of Internet value in the region, every country in South and Central Asia is overpaying for Internet access.

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Meanwhile, 78% of Europeans pay reasonable prices for their internet services, with Denmark leading the continent in the ranking. And in North America, 7 out of 10 people have affordable Internet access.

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