If Rudolph Were an EV, Which One Would He Be? Predicta’s AI Answers the Question

DALLAS– (BUSINESS WIRE) – What makes you wake up at night? Here at Predicta (www.predicta.com/blog) a question weighed heavily in our minds that needed to be addressed before we rested: If Santa’s reindeer were EVs, what would they be? Which?

You will be amazed at the little consensus about who the reindeer are and what each species looks like. But Predicta did a dirty job and became a good reindeer (translated as science says Santa’s reindeer are all females ?!). Predicta takes what other historical accounts have in common, translates it into a vehicle, and processes it through Predicta’s AI engine. We then examine the frequencies and emotions that occur for each reindeer for each EV in the Predicta database.

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Here are the official results according to how customers talk about personal vehicles arriving in time for Christmas weather:

Dasser Criteria: Speed, Acceleration, Agility – Cars: Jaguar I-PACE

Dancer Criteria: Steering control – Tires – Chevrolet Bolt

Scholars Criteria: Appearance, Design, Style – Vehicle: Kia EV6

Vision Criteria: Other people seek attention – Cars: Tesla Model X

Comet Criteria: Parent-child safety – Vehicle: Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Cupid Criteria: “Special Friend” Couple Love – Car: Volkswagen ID4

Donor – Criteria: Sound, Power – Car: Tesla Model 3

Blitzen Criteria: Electric Charging Speed ​​- Car: Ford Mustang Mach-E

Rudolph Criteria: Light visibility Safety features – Car: Hyundai Kona

But remember what else! Predicta has another gift for those hiding behind a tree. No scientific review of Santana’s reindeer is complete without the true heroes of Rudolph. No, it’s not a toy (no kid wants to play with Charlie-in-the-box). It’s Yukon Cornelius!

And Predicta’s first annual Yukon Cornelius Award arrives…

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Yukon Cornelius Criteria: Commodities Climate, Beard, Adventure, Ice Pick – Cars: Tesla Model Y

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Merry Christmas to you all and good night everyone!


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