IEIC Global NAP Summit 2.0 Commences on the Theme of Diversification of the Internet

Over 35 industry figures from around the world gathered in Henrico, Virginia for the Summit

Henrico, Virginia, November 08, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)– InterGlobix LLC, a global consulting and advisory firm focused on data center convergence, terrestrial and subsea fibers, announced its participation in IEIC Global Summit of the National Action Program 2.0 Takes place in Henrico, Virginia.

The IEIC is an independent commission that promotes Internet diversity and forms global Internet nodes. The IEIC Charter aims to leverage innovation and influence within the IEIC’s collective participants and industries to geographically strengthen the Internet’s infrastructure, ensuring that the Internet continues to stimulate economic development opportunities in societies around the world, and drive the digital economy on a local and global basis.

“I am pleased to be participating in the IEIC Global Summit of National Action Plan 2.0. The Internet is not controlled by any single governing body and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient basic infrastructure to support the growth of the Internet,” he said Vint Cerf, President of Internet Evangelists at Google and President of the IEIC.

InterGlobix will participate in the IEIC Global NAP 2.0 Summit on the following committees:

  • 9:45 am: The rapidly developing global Internet infrastructure landscape

  • 11:30 a.m.: Casual Chat: Economic Growth Driven by Digital Infrastructure

  • 3:00 pm: Why submarine cables are a catalyst for the digital economy, fueling local connectivity

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In addition, the President of InterGlobix, Vinay Nagpal, will present the IEIC Report in his capacity as CEO and founding member of the IEIC.

“This is a very important occasion for the region and for the IEIC to host a summit of this scale with leading global figures in the industry representing six continents and all sub-sectors of digital infrastructure including –Data centers, submarine cables, terrestrial fibres, internet exchange, CDN and SDN. As digitalization occurs in all industries and all aspects of our lives, C-level enterprise executives from industries including –Automotive, Finance, Academia, Banking, Healthcare, and Hospitality, They join the top as well as the speakers.”

“Submarine cables play a vital role in developing the digital infrastructure that leads to the economic growth of the region. When the first undersea cable, MAREA, landed on the shores of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we knew this would be a catalyst for the economic growth of the region. We are always looking for new ways New systems and new fiber densities for overall optimization” Rafael Aranz, Director of Operations at Telxius.

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The comprehensive summit program also includes the IEIC Awards and the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for DE-CIX Richmond. DE-CIX Richmond is the five companyThe tenth North American Internet Exchange provides low-bandwidth Layer 2 connectivity between Richmond, New York, Dallas, Phoenix, and Chicago, creating the largest datacenter and neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America. Customers connected to DE-CIX’s North American interconnection ecosystem are also able to connect to DE-CIX’s IXs across the Atlantic.

InterGlobix Magazine is the media partner of the IEIC Global NAP 2.0 Summit. Additional information about the summit can be found at:


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About the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC)

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The IEIC is an independent commission that works to advance the diversity of the Internet and to form new global Internet nodes. The IEIC’s mission is to partner with communities worldwide to create new nodes for the Internet through public and private partnerships with local municipalities, academia, and businesses. The founding members of the IEIC are industry figures from many of the world’s most respected companies and leaders including: Vint Cerf / Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Clint Heiden / IEIC, Vinay Nagpal / InterGlobix, Steve Alexander / Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) ), Rafael Arranz / Telxius, Jason Black / NVIDIA (NYSE: NVDA), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), Mark Boxer / Cigna (NYSE: CI), Barbara Boyan / Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Andrew Dugan / CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL), Staffan Göjeryd / Telia Carrier (VSE: TEL1L), Brent Bensten / QTS, Asher Kagan / Blade, Vinay Kanitkar / Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM), Sarah Keller / Uber (NYSE: UBER), Athanasios ( Sakis) Kitsopanidis / Ford (NYSE: F) Michael Leidinger / Hilton (NYSE: HLT), Steve Alexander / Sina (NYSE: CIEN), Krishna Narayanaswamy / Netscope, Frank Nazzaro / Freddy Mac, Anthony Romaniello / Henrico Economic Development Authority, and Zeid Khan / Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT). For additional information, visit:

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