Idaho students showcase inventions during Innovation Day at JUMP

A forum competition was held for Treasure Valley students to present their creative ideas and solutions to solve problems.

BOISE, Idaho — Students got their creative juices flowing at JUMP’s ‘Innovation Day’ on Saturday.

About 150 young inventors from grades 1 to 12 showcased their ideas as part of the creativity event.

The event was one of three regional events hosted by Invent Idaho, a competition that inspires students to be creative and come up with ideas and solutions to solve problems.

“What’s really exciting about this is the story behind why they choose their problem,” said founder and state director for Invent Idaho Beth Brubaker. “Why do they choose to choose a real world problem and try to solve it? Usually, there is something in their lives – their youth if it’s first and second generation – like hating to make their bed, hating to brush their teeth. Understand environmental issues. But they choose a world problem that means a lot to them.

A real-world problem confronts sixth-graders Cole, Corbyn and Brendan in turtle conservation. The trio presented the design of ‘Te Pouaka Honu’, an idea to help sea turtle children.

“Turtles walk to the beach and lay their eggs. When they find a place to lay that nest, they put this box on top of the nest,” Cole said. “Turtles hatch, they crawl out of the sand, and then they go into the tube, because they’re attracted to the sun. They go through the tube, some get picked up. because of population reasons. Some of them are collected, we don’t want more people to live, then the rest can safely reach the water and live happily.”

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There are five categories of activities: working models, non-working models, tools and games, adaptations, and the Jules Verne section.

Sebastion and Jolie emerged from 10 students of ‘Lunar Tech’ – an effective way to keep street lights – after their friend was attacked on a dark road.

“It’s a street lamp that harvests the energy of the sun and the moon. The technology came out to harvest and use the energy of the sun and the moon on a street light,” Jolie said. “Then, when the light comes out, it harvests the power of the light and uses it to light the streets. Basically, the government doesn’t pay for street lights, which is one of the biggest expenses, and it’s used this solution, and they can send money to more important things like schools and programs.

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“We came up with the idea that if we could find a source of electricity or just a way to make street lights more accessible, we could stop this process and make the streets brighter,” Sebastian said. .

Ariel in class 11 presented a working example of ‘Fozzio Music Healing’, a fully automated device that combines music and frequency healing. His presentation showed how the ear interprets sound waves and produces a nerve signal that is sent to the brain.

“Everything you hear affects your organs. So, what we’re doing is all the bodily functions – your body has a vibrational frequency. So, we can measure it in hertz. Your heart for example, it vibrates at 26.82 hertz. If your heart is going in rhythm, let’s say it’s now at 15 hertz because you have a heart attack. We do something called resonance. Then 26 hertz is sent to the heart, and it reminds the place where it vibrates. It’s called resonance,” said Ariel. “So, after we did it, the heart started to go, ‘Oh, this is what I feel like shaking me’. And then he took himself and started the healing process. So, the problem to pure sounds, if you’ I’ve heard it before, it sounds really bad. What I’ve done is that I’ve layered the recovery frequency with the selected music on top. and it takes place all to the healing benefit.”

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Students were scored and judged in grade level divisions. It also received ‘Best of Category’ awards for five categories. ‘Best of Show’ awards were given to the best of the entire event.

Winners from Saturday’s event will be invited to the Invent Idaho State Finals at the University of Idaho. Selected works from the finalists will represent Idaho at the National Invention Convection at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

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