How to watch Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message

Channel 4 This year’s alternative to Christmas messages will be created entirely by artificial intelligence.

The broadcast, which will be broadcast simultaneously with the King’s traditional speech on the BBC and ITV, will see Ameca, one of the world’s most advanced robots, deliver a message about the power and limitations of AI.

Ameca says we should “be unhappy or sad about 2022” and “take it as an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to change the way we think about the world and a reminder to help those in need whenever we can.”

The robot also has a positive message for humans, praising our ability to “always find something to laugh about.”

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Ameca is developed by Engineered Arts, a British company based in Cornwall, and uses AI software that generates answers from various input. Millions to provide human-like responses.

Channel 4 Content Manager Ian Katz said: “As we look to the future where artificial intelligence is set to play a more prominent role in our lives, Ameca’s surrogate Christmas message is vivid. Of the power and limitations of this technology.

“Despite Ameca’s astonishing face, I doubt most viewers will leave, ensuring that people will not be displaced by AI robots any time soon.”

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But when is the speech to be broadcast? Read on for everything you need to know about how to view Channel 4 Christmas replacement messages.

When is Channel 4 ‘s replacement Christmas message?

Alternative Christmas messages are set to air Christmas (December 25) 2022 at 5:25 p.m. On Channel 4.

How to View Channel 4 Christmas Substitute Messages

Tom Daley delivers Channel 4's Christmas alternative message in 2021

Tom Daley delivers Channel 4’s Christmas alternative message in 2021. Channel 4

The talk will be broadcast on Channel 4 and will be available on Channel 4’s on-demand services. Out soon after broadcast.

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Channel 4 ‘s replacement Christmas message has been broadcast every year since 1993 and features a number of presenters, including former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former Speaker of Parliament John Bercow and a digitally created’ deepfake ‘.

Last year’s message was sent by Tom Daley.

The Alternative Christmas Message airs on Christmas Day (December 25, 2022) at 5:25 pm on Channel 4.

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