How to reduce energy bills on the top four ‘energy-guzzling’ kitchen appliances

In light of the energy crisis, it is important to keep your energy consumption as low as possible in order to reduce expenses. Today’s households are cluttered with electrical appliances and some appliances can have a huge impact on energy bills. For households wondering which kitchen appliances in their home are contributing the most to their sky-high monthly bill, an energy expert has shared her thoughts and top tips for cutting those costs.

In an exclusive interview with, Thomas Goodman of, the UK’s leading handyman recruitment site, unveiled the four most ‘energy guzzling’ kitchen appliances that are driving up energy bills significantly.

American style fridge freezers

Fridge-freezers need to be left on at all times, so they typically use the most electricity of any kitchen appliance, but American-style ones are the “worst” according to Thomas.

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He said: “American-style refrigerators are large in volume and dispense water and ice cubes, all of which require electricity. That’s why it’s the worst kitchen appliance for energy guzzlers.

“Rising energy prices actually mean that this type of fridge freezer is costing just over £200 a year.”

However, the expert noted that while traditional freestanding fridge-freezers use less electricity, an integrated version is better, using about half the energy of an American model.

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However, he explained: “If you don’t have space outside for a clothesline, then the next best thing is to invest in a heat pump version. These cost about a third of a condensing version to run.”

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While using a dishwasher for household chores is convenient, using this kitchen appliance does not come without high energy costs.

Thomas said: “Dishwashers are another energy-guzzling kitchen appliance and can account for up to eight percent of your electricity bill.

“Depending on the model and frequency of use, they cost between £50 and £200 a year to run.”

If you want to invest in a new one, the expert advises one with a good energy efficiency class and low water consumption.

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Thomas explains: “For efficient operation, only run the machine when it is full, keep the machine clean and use a good dishwashing detergent to avoid rinsing.”

electric ovens

The expert said: “Electric ovens consume a lot of energy, which is why many people avoid them now.

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“Depending on how much you use it, a stove can cost anywhere from £60 to £400 a year.

“But there are ways to reduce costs, including cleaning without a pyrolysis function, as that takes a lot of electricity to operate.”

Ovens can often be neglected when it comes to cleaning, but a dirty oven uses more energy to cook than a clean one.

He also suggested that households “use other appliances for cooking, like the microwave and air fryer, to reduce your cooking costs, too.”

The low energy consumption and short cooking times of microwaves make them one of the most energy efficient appliances.

Due to their small size, microwaves do not require preheating and can transfer heat to food much faster than an oven.

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