How to Find Saved Posts on Facebook

What you should know

  • Facebook in a desktop browser: Menu > Saved.
  • In the Facebook app for iOS or Android: Menu > Saved.

This article will show you how to find your saved Facebook posts. Facebook occasionally changes its interface, so the method may be different from the one you used last time.

Where can I find saved Facebook posts?

You can directly type in the address bar to view your saved posts. Otherwise, follow these steps to cycle through the Facebook menu on desktop and mobile.

Saved Facebook posts in the mobile app

Viewing saved Facebook posts on the iOS and Android mobile apps requires a few taps.


Specific steps may differ depending on your iOS or Android phone, but the basic process is the same. The instructions and illustrations are taken from the Facebook app for iOS.

  1. Choose Menu (the hamburger icon) on the right side of the toolbar.

  2. Choose Saved to later open all the posts, photos, and videos you’ve bookmarked.

  3. The saved posts are arranged chronologically, with the most recent at the top. Choose See everything to view all saved posts, or go to your curated collections.

  4. Tap the post to open it. Alternatively, you can select and select the three dots icon to the right of each post View original post from the menu.

Search Facebook for your saved posts

You can quickly reach the saved posts with a search on both desktop and mobile apps. Follow these steps.

  1. Enter a keyword like “saved” in the Facebook search box (either on desktop or mobile app).

  2. Select an auto-suggested search result such as “posts I’ve saved” to go to the Saved page with all your saved posts.

Saved Facebook posts on the website

Launch a browser and go to Facebook’s website. The Saved icon resembles a bookmark and contains posts, photos, and videos that you’ve saved for later.

  1. Choose Menu in the left sidebar.

  2. Scroll down the menu to the Personal category and select Saved. That Saved The bookmark icon will also be visible underneath youngest if you recently accessed the Saved page.

  3. Choose Saved to open the page with all your saved items and collections.

  4. Tap the post to open it. Alternatively, you can select and select the three dots icon to the right of each post Don `t save to remove from the list. Use those too filter to sort the saved articles by post type.


Choose gear icon on the left of the Saved page. That reminder settings can help you keep track of your saved items and prevent storing too many of them.


  • How do I find my saved Facebook draft posts?

    Facebook doesn’t store multiple drafts in one place. However, if you save a post as a draft instead of posting or deleting it, Facebook will automatically bring it up again when you try to start a new post. However, drafted posts are not exchanged between the Facebook app and the website.

  • How do I post something I’ve previously saved to Facebook?

    Once you find the saved post, select the Split button, then choose your sharing preferences to post it to your own feed.

  • Can I download and save my saved Facebook posts?

    Yes, you can download saved Facebook posts. You will need to download a copy of your Facebook data (this includes automatically saved posts). Saved posts can be found under Saved Items and Collection in either the Access Your Information or Download Your Information options.

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