How this iPhone 12 is nothing but a overheating piece of metal

Yes, you heard that right, we’ve been using the iPhone 12 for the past month, and believe us our experience is nowhere near as good. Today in this article we will take you on the same journey that we went with this new iPhone 12.

Where did we buy from?

We bought this smartphone just for review and bought it from Flipkart for a price of ₹56,068. We might have expected a bigger drop but the wait is still hard.

Now after our purchase we also got a Byju subscription which we didn’t use. And we ship it within 2-3 days from the day we bought it. Well, we were excited to get our hands on this device to see how it works. But below you will find our detailed review of how this iPhone 12 is something that is very metal.

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Here is our detailed review

We don’t want to sound mean when we give our honest review but the point is true. The iPhone 12 from the first day has a problem with heat, if it is idle on applications like Instagram or Facebook the phone will heat up in minutes. And not only hot but you can cook anything on it.

If you have your phone on charging mode then you will see the phone heat up. It’s that winter season when we all want to turn on our heaters but this iPhone 12 can do just that. Just kidding guys but Apple needs to take a serious look at this hot issue.

How does the camera work?

iPhone is known for its camera and yes this phone works well and you will love every photo you click from this phone. We really enjoyed reading pictures from this smartphone.

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Is the phone lagging?

Another important thing we noticed with this smartphone is that it sometimes lags which is something you don’t want if you spend money on a device like this. Every time we use WhatsApp on this phone you reply to your own message to highlight the automatic addition of emoji. Then you have to select the message again and delete that emoji, adding another category in one simple operation. We also had the opportunity to use the iPhone XR but this issue was not present in that smartphone.

How does sound work?

The sound of this phone is very clear and you don’t need to use the speaker sometimes. If you play a song on this phone it is very clear that you can enjoy every beat of that song.

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What new things did we find on this phone?

We found a new app called FreeForm on this iPhone 12. It’s really working, to be honest with you all, we checked this app and its features. You can write anything you like on this app and share it with your friends, to do face time at the same time.

What all went into this?

We received a USB Type-C to Lightning cable and instructions. Another thing we got was a pin to unlock the sim card tray. And an Apple Logo Sticker.

Our Decision

We didn’t expect apple products to be like this but we hope that when we try the next series of iPhones the experience of using this smartphone will be better.

Here are pictures of the iPhone 12 out of the box


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