How Does it Rank Sunday on Long-Term Trading Metrics?

Polkadot has a strong long-term skill score of 75. Investor Observer analysis. Our proprietary scoring system takes into account trading patterns over the past few months to a year by comparing the coin’s consistency, volatility and long-term average to determine whether it is a strong buy-and-hold investment opportunity. Currently, DOT has a long-term technical analysis score better than 75% of cryptocurrencies. Long-term investors using the buy-and-hold strategy will find long-term rankings particularly relevant when allocating assets, and may find the added value of looking for cryptocurrencies with high short-term technical scores to uncover coins that have bottomed out. .

Shogi Skills - 75

transaction analysis

DOT’s current trading price of $5.440000000 is -$1.3200000 (-19.53%) below the coin’s 100-day moving average of $6.760000000. Meanwhile, the DOT is $0.0800000 (-103.75%) above the 52-week low of $5.360000000 and -$38.16000000 (-10.46%) above the 52-week high of $43.600000000. Polkadot’s current price relative to Polkadot’s long-term average and 52-week high gives the cryptocurrency a strong long-term technical score of 75. DOT’s price movement and range suggests that investors are currently neutral towards the coin. . Polkadot has a market cap of $6,191,780,072.48, and a typical 24-hour traded currency value of $887,951,619.69, a relatively high average daily volume. DOT traded volume in the last 24 hours at 136,834,959.43, which is below the 7-day average. A subclass of this coin Decentralized Software Platform: A platform is a decentralized infrastructure designed for a purpose. These can take the form of exchanges for cryptocurrency exchanges, decentralized data storage, artificial intelligence, virtual or augmented reality, distributed computing and big data collection, among other things.

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DOT’s historic trading over the past year gives it a strong long-term technical score of 75, as the price movements at the time gave investors reason to be neutral on the coin in the long run. Click here to view the full report on Polkadot (DOT).

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