Holoride uses real-time vehicle data in entertainment

Q: When you started working in 2015 when it was hatched at Audi, what did you see on the horizon? What kind of welcome did you get?

reply: when we started the journey I’m pretty sure not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

It’s like a crazy idea. People are not familiar with virtual reality and are unaware of the concept that content can sense motion and position. Now when the metaverse takes shape We have gained a lot of momentum.

You view this with the assumption that self-driving cars are Near and where will everyone be a rider?

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I’m looking at independent age and wondering “How and in what situations do people spend their time in the car?” If you think of media consumption. This is obviously a big topic. And there isn’t much real contributing to the car company experience. But if you think of the car as a spatial device that is very open to the surroundings, we begin to ask: “Can we use this and pair it with something else?

Does this change the dynamic that car companies don’t have much control over in-car entertainment?

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People carry personal devices with them. But perhaps automakers should expand their cars to personal devices inside, always trying to squeeze smartphones to the center screen and mimic what people already have. We have created something unique. and has gathered some value that is being created That’s our business model.

What was behind the decision to make Holoride an independent company?

We’re showing for movie studios and game companies. And they were all excited about the idea. they sow seeds

they said “It’s nice that Audi is doing this and experimenting. But how to scale beyond a few models or brands?

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“How did this become an interesting audience for us?” So we created a space that transforms cars into one of the most exciting places to consume content.

How does it work? What data does Holoride store?

All manufacturers are required to provide certain information such as acceleration, braking, steering angle, GPS location.

What automakers have to do is provide these data points via Bluetooth or in-vehicle Wi-Fi, and our applications are licensed and able to read and interpret the data in real time.


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