Hey look, Dynamic Island has come to … Android?!?

Apple caused a lot of excitement earlier this month when it unveiled the Dynamic Island on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max handsets (although it turns out it’s not for everyone).

The feature brings the otherwise boring pill-shaped cutout at the top of the display to life, changing its appearance according to the information or controls being shown.

In a move that would certainly have shaken Steve Jobs’ head in dismay – and possibly speed dialed Apple’s top attorney – the Dynamic Island has now landed on… Android!

A screenshot of the dynamicSpot app for Android.

No, it is not part of a recent update to Google’s mobile operating system. Rather, a mischievous developer brought it to Android via an app called dynamicSpot, which targets the hole punch cutout that comes with many Android phones.

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A video (below) shared by Jawomo, the creator of dynamicSpot, shows an early version of the app in action.

Is the iPhone’s Dynamic Island feature possible on Android? (view full screen on mobile)

Like Apple’s Dynamic Island, dynamicSpot acts as a multitasking tool and offers, among other things, a quick way to access recent notifications or changes in the phone status.

Staying on topic of undoing all of Apple’s Dynamic Island features, you can also tap on the spot to open the app that shows up and long-press on it to expand it and see more details.

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Jawomo notes that DynamicSpot, although the iPhone’s Dynamic Island, isn’t customizable iswhich explains, “You can change the interaction settings, choose when to show or hide the popup, or which apps to show.”

The developer adds: “Since dynamicSpot uses Android’s notification system, it is compatible with almost all apps, such as messaging notifications, timer apps and even music apps.”

You can also move the position of the app spot, an important feature since Android phone makers don’t all place the camera cutout in the center of the display.

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Whether Android users rely on the dynamicSpot remains to be seen. It might be fun to try, although there may be bugs in the early stages of development — and don’t expect (yet, anyway) the sleekness and richness of Apple’s efforts.

The dynamicSpot app is currently in beta and can be downloaded for free from Google Play. However, to get full functionality, you have to give up $5.

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