Hashtag Trending Dec 22 – Tesla hiring freeze; Mastodon user growth; Internet shutdown in Iran impacts the economy

Tesla is freezing hiring, Mastodon is gaining more popularity, and Iran’s internet shutdown is affecting its economy.

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Tesla is laying off more employees in the next quarter, according to reports from Electric. The company is also looking to freeze hiring. This summer, Elon Musk indicated that Tesla would cut its salaried workforce by about 10 percent over three months. At this point, it’s not clear how wide the hiring freeze will be, especially with Tesla planning to expand to some manufacturing sites. The moves come as Tesla stock has been declining all year long even though the company’s financials set new records every quarter. in a Reuters The report revealed that Tesla analysts had also lowered their price targets on the stock, concerned that weaker demand from China would affect deliveries of the EV maker in 2023.

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Twitter’s rival Mastodon has now grown eight times its size in a matter of weeks, going from about 300,000 users in October to 2.5 million in November. The growth comes as Twitter users announced their plans to switch services amid the platform’s chaos following the Elon Musk acquisition. to me CNNAs of this week, Mastodon is ranked 8th among free social networking apps on the Google Play Store and 11th in the social networking category on the Apple App Store. Just last week, Twitter started blocking links to Mastodon on its platform. She then made the practice explicit policy on Sunday, before backlash forced Musk to suspend the policy in less than 24 hours.

Shutting down the internet, filtering content, and blocking platforms in Iran is affecting the country’s economy. In response to mass government opposition and protests, the Iranian regime launched a major lockdown in September that restricted all digital communications in the country. These upheavals affected companies of all sizes. Several Iranian trade associations have reported that their member companies are dealing with significant losses. According to a report from WiredSome companies found that the recent outage affected hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The cumulative impact of these campaigns has affected the rights of more than 80 million people in Iran today and disrupted aspects of society in the country.

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On January 1, 2023, copyrighted works from 1927 will enter the US public domain. It will be free for everyone to copy, share and build on. Some of these works include Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and The Last Sherlock Holmes Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. When works enter the public domain, they can now be shared legally, without permission or fees. This means that online repositories such as the Internet Archive, Google Books and the New York Public Library, for example, can make entire works available online. In addition, community theaters can show films and youth orchestras can perform music publicly, without paying a license fee. the Center for the Study of the Public Domain He has compiled a list of all businesses entering the online domain.

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