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Half-Life 2: VR mod released

The long-awaited VR mod for half-life 2 is available for free on Steam and brings the legendary Valve title to a near-native level of immersion. This is a fan made project and development started almost 10 years ago, although the main developer had to get in the way of work on the mod after moving to Rockstar Games due to life and work.

However, last year modder Cabilastic joined Wormslayer and the rest of the Source VR team to finally bring Half-Life 2 to full VR. It’s available now for PC players at no additional cost through early access. Granted, you’ll need a copy of the game to play, but you can get these in a variety of bundles for a reasonable price.

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Here is the full list of features from the Steam page:

  • Full room scale VR with tracked motion controls. Physically walk around, pick up objects, and climb ladders as only virtual reality allows
  • Intuitive and realistic weapon interactions with quick and easy weapon switching via a radial menu, over-the-shoulder ammo storage, functional sights, two-handed weapons, and manual reloading
  • Control options including; full left-handed support, a laser sight and arcade-style “Quick Reload”.
  • Convenience features such as motion vignette and 3rd person vehicle camera. (Note: there is currently no teleport movement option)
  • Playable on any VR headset supported by SteamVR
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The team is also providing a roadmap so players can keep tabs on new features and bug fixes. Below is what they had to say:

“Although we certainly can’t ‘remaster’ HL2 To look like a game developed in 2022, we’re working on overhauling assets and textures through a combination of AI upscaling and manual intervention to give them that extra bit of detail and sharpness under the VR headset that the original lacks. All updates should remain true to the original. Additionally, all of the maps in the game will be facelifted and improved with updated lighting, more detail and bug fixes, as well as VR-centric adjustments like smooth stairs.”

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Those wishing to participate in this promotion will need Windows 10, an Intel Core i5-4950 processor and 8GB of RAM. This only applies to minimum specifications; See the mod’s store page for more details. Since this mod is a public beta version, errors and glitches may occur. Luckily, the developers warned players about this on Steam. Anyway, enjoy your journey back to City 17 from a whole new perspective!