Gungrave G.O.R.E. could have been a Soulslike, says developer

Gungrave Life began as a gothic ‘Wild West’ sniper for PlayStation 2 in 2002. In the midst of a revival of the supernatural western saga, Beyond the Grave’s protagonist is a stylish sniper designed by Yasuhiro Nightow. which is known for his work on Trigun anime series in terms of content and design It pays homage to this classic franchise. which has attracted a large player base for this reason. Gungrave’s The popularity was enough to cause a sequel – Gungrave: Overdose – and its own anime series

Though quiet after a brief success, Iggymob studio remains a huge fan of the series and in 2017 re-released it as an action-shooting VR game. follow Kim KayIggymob’s COO through Translator and Gungrave Gore project manager Bobby J. Parkwhich is an important turning point in the present era Gungrave Restoration.

‘When we first did [Gungrave VR]It was more of a testing phase,” Kay told GamesHub during a recent PLAION publisher show. ‘At the time, there were quite a few VR shooters, and it all started with thinking, ‘Oh, why didn’t we make a VR version of this? [Gungrave]? How does it feel to make Grave into VR?’

‘Most of the feedback we received while we were making the VR version was people asking. no– VR version, there is only so much we can tell users about stories… and we can’t really show everything we want. We want to show you a more in-depth version of Gungrave Series and unique fun’

This feedback process led to the creation of a third-person shooter designed to be directly inspired by the original game. Gungrave Games on PlayStation 2 Gungrave GoreScheduled to be released on November 22, 2022It has been described as a new chapter for the franchise. To view the latest preview We got a brief experience with the upcoming titles. and found it to be a high-powered, bloodthirsty Gothic fantasy.

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gungrave gore example
Image: Studio Iggymob

According to Kay, the game is designed to be newcomer-friendly – ​​albeit with a working knowledge of the original. Gungrave Introducing the series It is a direct sequel of the second title. overdoseand carry out the activities that have been placed in the game since the beginning of 2000

“I believe it will be more fun if you play the previous version,” Kay said. GungraveWe’ve added a little video to the menu that explains a little bit about the history. So they will have no problem playing the game and understanding.”

that said Gungrave Don’t cling to the mechanics of the past – but respect. while improving the battle flow and modern gaming system

‘Most shooting games have a reloading system,’ Kay said. Gungrave The series does not need to be reloaded. So you don’t have to hide yourself and reload or maneuver – we don’t need all of that. You just have to move forward. and kill what you see’

To play an active game This means that Grave works as a stronger, heavier figure. which can take a lot of damage which is an obstacle for the enemy to overcome Without access to high-speed attacks or need the intelligence to survive Players can unleash their weapons to offset hordes of enemies. Spin and shoot with every push of a button. This way, you can clear the hallway in no time.

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Grave is empowered by a power known as ‘necro DNA’, which allows him to revive him in a semi-dead state in the principles of the game. This allowed him to move forward regardless of his own safety. The only thing he cares about is protecting Mika. The daughter of Graves’ former lover.

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‘One thing he remembers was that he wanted to protect a woman named Mika,’ Kay describes Grave’s mission in Gore ‘is a matter only what he remembers’

with your guiding star missiles Players embark on a bloody quest to save Mika and save the world from the evil forces of the Millennion, a corrupt organization full of henchmen and ruthless villains.

gungrave gore release date preview
Image: Iggymob

This story is made for the Iggymob team, created by the developers at Red Entertainment. and other contributors to the franchise’s legendary 20+ years, but according to Kay, the toughest challenge in developing this series’ major sequel. cannot In story adaptation – to mark the tough and trend-based gaming industry.

‘when [Iggymob] Start developing Souls-like and open world games. [games] Trending – These are very popular in the gaming world. Initially, we tried to make the game Seoul-or open world. When we first created a prototype It’s not fun.’

‘While you play the game [you’ll notice] We have a unique style of play for Gungrave. It would be very difficult if we were to build it with an open world game or a Soulslike game. The hard thing is that we spent a lot of time reverting to the old school style.’

Iggymob feels strongly about these changes. Because they believe diversity in action games is essential. If every game was a Soulslike game, the market would be overwhelming – and it would be much harder to stand out. But in making it possible, Grave lays the foundation and his abilities in a classic, arcade-like gameplay inspired by classic PlayStation 2 games. Gungrave Gore forge one’s self

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‘We’d lose the fun we had if we followed the train tracks,’ Kay said.

in pursuit of new paths and more time to develop its identity. Gungrave GoreProduction shifted the focus from the ‘latest’ limited edition PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles to the cutting-edge PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, according to Kay. The process was a revelation – and allowed the team to do it. Gore An overall more immersive experience

Picture quality has been greatly improved with this change – as seen in our preview trailer – as well as controls and gameplay. Adjustable trigger return on DualSense controllers

‘It will be a more dynamic experience because you can feel it through the controller,’ Kay said.

gungrave gore gameplay
Image: Iggymob

As the team overcomes various challenges in game creation including development through the coronavirus pandemic and fighting a disrupted investment industry. This means that there are times when teams are not paid for their work. They were able to stabilize and eventually Progress with support from publisher partners

“Our team continues to have hope and passion for game development. So keep moving forward,” Kay said of the long development process and constant iteration.

‘The entire development period was slightly extended. But fortunately and fortunately we have found a partner who believes in our desires who believes in us. So we are fortunate to work with more people to create this game.’

After a long wait Gungrave Gore It is finally scheduled for release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC on November 22, 2022.


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