Governor Tate Reeves delivers State of the State Address

Governor Tate Reeves, along with other state officials, gathered today in the capital to give the State of the State address.

After a very busy year for Mississippi, Governor Reeves addressed the state about the success he and his team have achieved.

He also talks about what we need to accomplish as a state to continue Mississippi’s growth.

Governor Tate Reeves took the podium today in Jackson to deliver the State of the State address to Mississippians.

Governor Reeves began by saying that he measures success in three ways: the wages of our workers, the success of our students, and winning the war on our values.

The first points of success is the increase in personal income per capita in Mississippi of about $7,000, or 18 percent, since 2019. He then talked about the budget surplus, which will increase to $4 billion, as well as $6 billion in new capital investments in 2022. conservative reforms and sound budget management laid the foundation for this economic boom. It is yesterday’s policies that paved the way for today’s prosperity.

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He then addressed successes in classrooms, including the state hitting an all-time high school graduation rate for the third time since he was elected governor. Reeves also points out that the state’s fourth-grade math rates are now 23approx in the nation compared to the death penalty in 2012.” Mississippi insisted on getting kids back to school when other blue states stayed closed, and now we have the best education numbers in our state’s history! “

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Finally, the governor talks about the need to raise the voices of parents across the state, especially in the classroom. He is working to pass the parental rights bill this coming session, which will confirm that in Mississippi it is the state that answers to the parents and not vice versa. “There is no room in our schools for policies that try to entertain parents and require the use of pronouns or names that do not correspond to reality.”

Mississippi Public Service Member Brandon Presley responded to the address by saying that Governor Reeves is not a leader for Mississippi and that the state is going in the wrong direction.

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He addresses the dozens of hospitals across the state already closed or close to closing. He also says that Mississippi is near the bottom of the country in economic growth as well as being one of only three states that have seen a decrease in population over the years. “We’re going to make sure that people from Walnut on the Tennessee line to Waveland on the Gulf Coast can walk with pride because they have a job and hope for their children’s future.”


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