Garden of the Sea is a delightful VR farming sim

As much as I love hardcore games like Resident Evil 4 or Into the Radius, I tend to lean towards more relaxed VR experiences. Puzzling Places is my absolute favorite Quest 2 game and I love painting in Vermillion or plugging in my headphones to enjoy the visual symphony of the Tetris Effect. VR helps me detach from the world, which is especially important to me given the current state of…well, everything. Sometimes I just need games that offer some comfort.

I think Garden of the Sea will be on my list of relaxing VR games for quite a while. I’ve always been a little obsessed with farming sims ever since I played the original Story of Seasons (then called Harvest Moon) on the SNES as a kid. Everything about the central gameplay loop hooks me in a way that no other genre can and I completely lose myself in it. Garden of the Sea takes it a step further by offering a VR version of farming sims, and that’s why it’s our Quest Game of the Week.

The basics

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