G20 Summit dos & don’ts for canine guard force: ‘Should not disturb aesthetic view’

DO NOT disturb the aesthetics of the event. They have to synchronize their meal plans and keep in mind the different hours of work. And if they’re sick, don’t ask them to do a preventative check.

These are the things that should not be done about one important part of the country’s security profile for next year’s G20 Summit — dog power. Then they joined a line organized by the Delhi Police, the nodal security agency for the event in the capital, for the country’s armed forces during the upcoming meeting. The Indian Express have learned.

“Many parties from different countries and international organizations will attend the G-20 Summit 2023, so proper AS inspection and access control will play an important role in ensuring security requirements- not in hotels, airports, convention centers. , ITPO Pragati Maidan. This should not be compromised at any cost,” said an official, who attended the meeting.

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“The dogs used in the process of the ASC (Anti-Sabotage Check) must be very good at performing various sensitive tasks. If some animals are sick or weak, do not explain to the perform preventive checks. Dog walkers have also been informed to remember that their animal should not disturb the beautiful view of the event,” said a DCP, posted with the security team of Delhi Police.

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Representatives of CPRF, ITBP, SPG, SSB, BSF and Special Frontier Force (SFF) attended the meeting.

After their meeting, the ITBP members confirmed that they will release five dogs for security duty while the BSF confirmed two from their side. Others said they would return after consulting their superiors, officials said.

In his presentation during the meeting, the DCP pointed out that “well-trained” professional staff and good sniffer dogs should be deployed for ASC work. “Technical teams should carry new tools/equipment when doing their work, and also buy new equipment. Also, looking at the rainy season, some measures should be taken to prevent equipment from water problems as the functioning of the equipment will be adversely affected,” said the DCP.

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Last month, Director-General of the BSF Pankaj Kumar Singh said, “We are promoting dogs of Indian breed and our experts have told us that they have found that the percentage of errors is less than those of Indian breed dogs, but the percentage of foreign breed dogs is high.


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