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The effects of the pandemic on the economy and the layoffs that have taken place are missing out on other good things that will happen in 2022. Most companies have introduced flexible working hours, and the focus has shifted to skilled and retrained staff. Institutions have also adopted more experienced teaching methods to meet industry needs. In addition to developing technical problem-solving skills, the college now recognizes that engineers need to have effective communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and creative thinking to illuminate the workplace. Here are some specialized career options that will enter the mid-2023 phase based on the learning gained over the past year:

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Data usage

Website developers will be important in 2023. These are the people behind all the online content we use on a daily basis, including social media and shopping sites. There is a growing demand for front-end developers and full-fledged developers as more and more people start using the Internet.

Many different cloud computing career options (cloud system engineers, cloud administrators, cloud network engineers, cloud consultants) are emerging in the market as more and more businesses switch from their traditional data-focused strategies to services. Cloud-based.

Businesses around the world produce large amounts of transaction data, log files, web server data, and other customer-related data. Social networking sites also produce a lot of data. Companies need data analysts to make the most of generated data and look for undetected trends.

Careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning (machine learning engineers, data scientists, NLP scientists) are no more, in the future they are already here. The cost of specific tools and methods for creating blockchain-oriented applications is also rising. Because the world needs engineers (blockchain project managers, blockchain developers) who can create blockchain-based applications to manage and control their usage, it is a major trend that will affect software engineers.

Metaverse creation

Many companies have begun to investigate the deep three-dimensional nature of meta-reality. These must be created with a certain design sense. The designer who will be responsible for building the world that metaverse users will explore will become an asset.

Today’s emphasis will be on developing stable but meaningful career options, and in this sense nothing will reward higher candidates like investing in strengthening the basic skills for these high-paying jobs. No.

The author is an Associate Professor, School of Engineering and Technology, BML Munjal University.


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