Former Google CEO drops stark warning about China’s coming takeover

A new report by the think tank project Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) concludes that the United States will come second to China in a major race of the 21st century.

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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt chairs the SCSP, and according to the think tanks newly published reportChina is expected to win the technology race on multiple fronts unless the United States makes certain leaps in various fields. The report notes that there are some key technological battlegrounds where China is advancing faster than the United States. These battlefields are microelectronics, 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence.

That China is beating the United States on multiple technological fronts may be a thing in itself if one is only talking about national pride, but there are very real consequences, such as China controlling supplies of the earth’s rare minerals that contribute to development of technology are used. In addition, these rare earth minerals are used for military developments.

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The report states that if the United States loses the tech race, Americans will be forced to live in a world where China can “turn off the technology faucet,” making the United States and other democracies around the world “economically dependent.” “ of China makes. which would take away from them “the engines of prosperity and freedom of action in the world”.

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It’s not all doom and gloom, as the report concludes that the United States still has time to make leaps and developments in various technological areas while investing more to bring technology manufacturing back to the United States. In addition, the think tank believes the United States must act before the decade is out or China will prevail and take over the global technology supply.

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These warnings from Schmidt’s think tank were heard by US officials such as National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who illustrated that advances in science and technology are destined to shift and shake the geopolitical landscape in the 21st century. Sullivan continued, telling reports that developments in science and technology will open new avenues to provide health benefits, food security and widespread energy.

Needless to say, advances in science and technology are poised to define the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. They will lead the way in health and medicine, food security and clean energy.‘ said National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

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