Fluree and ZettaLabs Announce Merger to Serve Enterprises Seeking Data-Centric Architecture and Legacy Data Infrastructure Modernization

WINSTON-SALEM, NC–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fluree, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based company that has developed a database platform for distributed ledger graphics, and New Jersey-based ZettaLabs, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze raw data for analysis purposes, today announced the merger of the two companies.

The combination of Fluree and ZettaLabs will allow Fluree to expand its offering beyond its established expertise in working with “greenfields,” new data-centric initiatives that encompass breakthrough innovations. Now that ZettaLabs is part of Fluree, the company has the ability to address legacy enterprise data architectures and take the first steps toward modernization. All ZettaLabs employees will be integrated into the Fluree ecosystem, bringing Fluree’s total workforce to 50.

“At Fluree, we’re building the data infrastructure for the future,” said Brian Platz, co-founder and CEO of Fluree. “While many of our customers are enjoying the unique benefits of our Semantic Graph Distributed Ledger database technology, we know that organizations first need a way out of their deadlocked silos to build their end-goal infrastructures. Dealing with legacy infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for modern businesses, but nearly 74% of organizations today fail to complete legacy data migration projects due to inefficient tools and lack of interoperability. By adding the ZettaLabs team and suite of products to our own, Fluree is poised to support organizations in their data infrastructure transformation processes by uniquely addressing all key aspects of migration and integration: security, governance and semantic interoperability.”

ZettaSense has been renamed to Fluree Sense. The data pipeline that uses AI and machine learning and ontologies to normalize, cleanse, and harmonize data from disparate data sources that need to be integrated in a way that requires no additional data management, master data management, or data quality software. Fluree Sense makes data in existing legacy databases, data warehouses and data lakes ready for downstream consumption and sharing across organizations, whether in analytical repositories like Snowflake or Databricks or Fluree’s immutable Knowledge Graph database.

“We built our flagship product, ZettaSense, to ingest, classify, resolve, and cleanse big data from a variety of sources,” said Eliud Polanco, co-founder and CEO of ZettaLabs, who will become Fluree’s president. “The problem is that the underlying technical data architecture — with multiple operational data stores, warehouses, and lakes now spread across multiple clouds — is becoming increasingly complex. With Fluree, our combined customer base and all new customers can now evolve to a modern and elegant data-centric infrastructure that enables them to more efficiently and effectively share cleansed data both inside and outside their enterprise boundaries.”

The merger, Fluree’s first in history, makes Fluree the company of choice for approximately 90% of businesses hampered by legacy infrastructure and database systems that lack the toolset or talent to execute an effective transformation. It also expands Fluree’s customer base, which now includes large financial services clients.

Use cases for Fluree Sense include:

  • Legacy data migrations that cleanse and harmonize data from multiple sources to enable migration from a legacy enterprise platform to a target digital platform;

  • Customer data integrations that integrate customer, account, product and transactional data from multiple data sources into a single 360-degree golden customer record;

  • consent management that enables active customer consent and control over how data is shared across products, regions and business functions within an organization; and,

  • Cross-border data residency that enables the secure exchange of information across borders while complying with various national data protection regulations through multi-party computing.

“We don’t have a shortage of data today — we have a shortage of quality data,” said Peter Serenita, retired chief data officer and current chair of the nonprofit Enterprise Data Management Council, headquartered in New York City. “That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to take a data-centric approach to their modernization initiatives to truly transform their legacy infrastructure and finally break down their data silos. Working with the ZettaLabs team and product will allow Fluree to continue on its mission to transform big data into better data for sustainable business outcomes.”

While Fluree currently serves the existing enterprise data management market as an innovative database solution, these are primarily new data projects that have identified a specific need for data trust, integrity, sharing or security. The merger with ZettaLabs enables Fluree to bring value to all enterprise data teams looking to get to grips with their legacy infrastructure and modernize their platforms to meet increasingly complex business goals. Fluree now has a full spectrum of enterprise data management capabilities – from the first step of integrating and migrating data infrastructure from legacy systems using ZettaLabs technology to building a modernized operational and analytical data infrastructure on top of Fluree’s database system.

“Flouree’s merger with ZettaLabs directly aligns with Fluree’s vision to provide data-centric capabilities to modernize enterprise data capabilities,” said Dan Malven, managing director of 4490 Ventures, a Madison-based venture capital firm and a lead investor in Fluree. “Enterprises looking for data-centric architectures now not only have a landing pad with Fluree’s core Ledger Graph database technology, but now a starting point for their legacy infrastructure to integrate their data management with data-centricity.”

About Fluree

Fluree PBC was co-founded in 2016 by CEO Brian Platz and Executive Chairman Flip Filipowski and is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Fluree is pioneering a data-first technology approach with its data management platform. It guarantees data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and enables data-driven insights. The Fluree platform organizes blockchain-backed data into a scalable semantic graph database, creating a foundational layer of trusted data for connected and secure data ecosystems. The company’s foundation is a set of W3C Semantic Web standards that enable trusted data interoperability. Fluree currently employs 50 people. Follow Fluree on for more information Twitter or LinkedIn or visit flu.ee.

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