First barangay mobile app launched in Mandaluyong

The city of MANDALUYONG on Sunday launched its own mobile application, the country’s first barangay (village) app, which aims to provide residents with public services in a faster, safer and more convenient way.

The launch of the “1Namayan” mobile app was led by Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr. along with Namayan Chairman Victor Emmanuel “Dondon” Francisco at the City Hall Executive Building.

Abalos led the development of the mobile app for Barangay after realizing that with the ongoing pandemic, there was still a need to accelerate the delivery of public services at the village level.

After consulting with barangay officials, Abalos chose Barangay Namayan as the pilot testing area for the app because it already has an operational website ( and a Barangay Residents Identification Card (BRIC) with debit card capabilities that easily integrate with an app leave digital service app.

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The 1Namayan mobile app can be downloaded from the Barangay’s official website

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Francisco said the 1Namayan app also serves as a portal for reporting emergency situations, such as: B. Requesting ambulance and first aid, and making complaints, reporting accidents, altercations and street crime.

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“The goal of developing a project like this is that we need to embrace the new normal that this pandemic brings,” Abalos said. “Many people are now using cell phones to conduct various transactions, and that includes using government services.”

Abalos expressed hope that other villages would be encouraged by Barangay Namayan’s success in digitizing their services to the public.

“The Namayan app is localized and can be customized based on the needs of a specific barangay. Should other barangay develop a similar app, we will examine the similarities between each and then create a new app suitable for city-wide implementation, ultimately making the delivery of basic services to the city government faster and safer,” he said

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“What we are also proud of is a team made up of Barangay Namayan residents who are behind this whole project,” added Abalos. “The city is very proud and grateful for their commitment to serving our constituents with digital technology.”

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