Facebook is facing toughest year in its lifetime: This and other key things CTO wrote to employees in memo

Meta key Facebook had a difficult year. The company laid off 11,000 workers, about 13% of its workforce. The job cuts were announced after some investors questioned the vision of the company, Reality Labs. In a memo to Meta employees, also posted on social media, Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth, defended the company’s metaverse vision and explained that the company will not back down from its plans to creating new AR/VR technologies. Here are all the key points Bosworth wrote in the memo.

Meta stays true to his vision for Reality Labs


Meta remains true to its vision for Reality Labs

I can say with confidence that after one of the most difficult years in the company’s history, Meta remains committed to our vision for the future ahead of us as of the date of this announcement. by us. As reflected in our Q3 results, approximately 80% of all Meta investments support the core business, with the other 20% going to Reality Labs. It’s a level of investment that we believe is necessary for a company that wants to be at the leading edge of one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the country.

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Mixed Reality is not just about live video consumption


Mixed Reality is not showing a live video feed

Augmented reality is more than just displaying a live video feed of your environment in a headset. In order to work effectively, the headset needs to understand your room as a 3D space, and understand the surfaces and objects around you and how they can interact with the digital objects. It requires technologies such as Spatial Anchors, which allow virtual objects to occupy fixed locations in the physical world, and Scene Understanding for recreating nearby physical locations, and Passthrough stereoscopic color, for capturing the physical world and displaying it directly in the head. and depth for extra comfort. Meta Reality, our system for mixed reality, combines all these technologies and more into one system for developers to build.

VR devices are a replacement for laptops and desktop computers


VR devices are a replacement for laptops and desktop computers

Over time it became clear that VR devices would help to make laptops and desktops more interactive, by placing virtual screens and interfaces on your desktop or handheld. A VR headset will soon be able to emulate a powerful home computer setup, from a device that fits in a backpack and can be used anywhere. The journey towards such a device took a step forward with this year’s Quest Pro.

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AR glasses are very thin


AR classes will be much easier

Our vision for true AR classes will take years of progress to make our devices smaller, lighter, faster, and more powerful, albeit with less battery power and output. very low heat… A great advantage comes when the equipment is light. to simply render high-resolution graphics in a small user-viewable area. This October we demonstrated this capability for the first time thanks to eye tracking technology on the Quest Pro, and the advancements in VR and AR will continue for many years to come.

The community of VR creators and users is important


The community of VR developers, creators, and users is important

While these early visions are important for the future of VR, even more important is the well-being of the community of VR developers, creators, and users that exists now. This community, more than any technology or hardware, is very confident in what we create.

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Our priority is to invest in AI


Our priority is to invest in AI

At Meta, our priorities as a company are now taking advantage of more than a decade of investment in AI. We’ve made a lot of progress in research, like our Rendering and Scenery, and Cicero, our client who can kill people in a strategy game, hasn’t played in most human language negotiations. Our investments are paying the highest rates for enrichment and results are backed by evidence like Reels and our leading advertising system, where we see amazing results when we deliver more powerful AI models. The same is true in Reality Labs, where technologies such as Meta Reality or Presence Platform rely heavily on advanced AI to function.

Can't wait for the world to see what Meta is up to


Can’t wait for the world to see what Meta does

Every time I visit our research labs and see the early versions of these technologies, it blows my mind and I can’t wait for the world to see the results of what we’re building in there. The VR hardware and software we’ve released so far is just the tip of the iceberg, and the best days are still ahead of us.


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