EZVIZ DB1C Video Doorbell debuts with AI-powered person detection, 2-way talk and dual-band Wi-Fi

DB1C.  (Source: EZVIZ)
DB1C. (Source: EZVIZ)

EZVIZ has launched the DB1C as a new option for those interested in technology-enabled doorbells. It is compatible with 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz Wi-Fi, which can stream FHD video to users’ personal devices. Elements of the new smart home also have AI that can tell when someone is in front of it to avoid blowing the same device with unnecessary or incorrect notifications.

EZVIZ can be known as home security camera cable. However, the company has announced a new move to the video ringtone category with DB1C. It improves in some markets with support for 1080p video, which can be stored on a microSD card up to 256GB in capacity.

The DB1C camera is also equipped with a 170 ° view, which according to EZVIZ ensures that the bell owner can see as many callers as needed when using it to answer almost any door. It also has AI Human Detection found in many of the brand’s new security cameras.

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The company also claims that users can talk to Wi-Fi callers no matter where they are thanks to the DB1C 2-way microphone.

Therefore, a new video doorbell can be a great choice for those who want their home to be smarter, even at the entrance. Then again, Google’s options are designed to blend better into the exterior of the home, while the DB1C recognizes that the Insta360-esque looks even more attractive.

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In addition, this model lacks the night vision function of some of the others there. Then again, those minor adjustments allowed EZVIZ to set the price of its new home security device at US $ 106.99 on Amazon.

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