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Netbook News is dedicated to reviewing laptops, tablets and cameras, keeping consumers updated on the properties and value of these devices. The editorial team is made up of experts from the tech industry, with contributions from tech geeks, hardware fanatics, gamers, and early adopters.

Deciding which portable computing device or camera to buy can be tricky with the plethora of sponsored and non-sponsored reviews floating around the web. netbook newsAn authority on mobile computing and cameras, helps consumers pass the chase with candid reviews of laptops, tablets, and cameras on features, functionality, usage, and pricing.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals with more than 75 years of collective experience easily share the latest information on technology and trends so consumers can make an informed decision when purchasing a new device. Its goal is to eliminate nonsense, clear up common misconceptions, and get right to the most important details, leaving site visitors with more knowledge than they initially came with.

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The Netbook News site is managed by web content expert Kenny Trinh and a team of computer experts, researchers, writers, web designers and technology experts. They are all passionate about sharing knowledge and helping consumers find the perfect device for their needs.

Netbook News is now part of the expanding PortableMonkey and GeekWithLaptop networks that aim to become the premier online hub for mobile computing. The website provides readers with up-to-date product information on all available laptop, tablet, chromebook and ultrabook makers, as well as tips on convenient apps and cloud storage solutions.

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The Netbook News team prides itself on creating high-quality, unique content that is free from ethical issues, conflicts and misinformation. Each product review is based on research and product testing, and many other articles contain tips and hints. Netbook News’ writers annually test a wide range of popular laptops and tablets, from expensive machines to portable and budget-friendly e-reading laptops. And every year, the team comes up with the best laptops and tablets of the year.

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As smartphone point-and-shoot cameras cannibalize the traditional camera market, manufacturers are starting to move away from budget-friendly Instamatics. The Netbook News team tests hundreds of cameras each year, covering a wide range of price points across the best models on the market. Writers strive to create engaging content that even non-tech-savvy readers can relate to, providing important information to readers without overwhelming them with tech jargon.

Netbook News also accepts articles from its contributors, and has a growing regular readership of knowledgeable and diverse tech enthusiasts, curious first-time buyers, and those who trust Netbook News to provide top-quality reviews.

These guest writers benefit from collaborating with companies, refining presentation ideas and content, and mastering SEO so that as many people as possible see their articles and have the opportunity to leave their mark on the world of mobile computing.

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Netbook News is a site that provides reviews of the latest cutting-edge mobile computing devices, providing consumers with all the information they need to make informed decisions when purchasing devices.

About Us:

Netbook News is a website that reviews hundreds of portable devices each year and provides well-crafted content for readers and consumers looking for a portable computing device that fits their needs and budget. The blog is currently maintained by Kenny Trinh, who has written various articles for several national business publications. Comprised of dedicated experts with 75 years of experience, Netbook News’ editorial staff are happy to share their knowledge and passion for technology-related matters.


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