EU to bring a law to force makers to include replaceable batteries

The EU is to introduce a law to encourage manufacturers to introduce replacement batteries

The EU is to introduce a law to encourage manufacturers to introduce replacement batteries

Not too long ago from the EU, the European Union issued a green signal to require all manufacturers from camera equipment to smartphones and other devices to have the Type-C port as a port worldwide for all products and equipment. launched in 2024 December.

This new rule has hit giants like Apple who are relaxing their Lightning cable port. However, even Apple has no choice but to be honest, it has to comply with the new rules set by the EU. So, after bringing the Type-C port law, now the officials of the European Union have agreed that they will soon bring a new power law that will be approved in the European Parliament.

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When asked about the new law? There was no indication but in fact, it was clear that the new law requiring manufacturers to bring in the use of replacement batteries was announced. This move also restores and terminates both replaceable and non-replaceable batteries. Let’s take a deeper look at the facts:

The EU requires manufacturers to track and import replacement batteries

After ordering the introduction of Type-C ports, the EU has received a lot of praise from users and other tech enthusiasts for bringing confidence to the port. just once, and finally, thank us. using different wires and different ports for different devices.

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Although, the move is a big success for the Type-C port but does it mean it will stay for bringing the replacement battery rule? Batteries are nothing new these days most devices especially smartphones come with a non-removable battery. However, it is said that the EU is next to increase the efficiency and life cycle of batteries during the production and design.

The strong evidence is that the import of this rule can include 16% of Cobalt and 85% of Lead, then it is possible to get 6% of Lithium and 6% Nickel for recycling. Also, with the transfer, it can be ensured that the device can be used for a long time and also reduce e-waste.

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Why don’t the phones have removable batteries?

It is said that smartphone manufacturers stopped offering removable batteries for the reason of avoiding “unexpected damage” and reducing the weight and size of the smartphone.

Removable batteries usually require a hard plastic case to hold the battery for safety reasons, and this plastic case makes the phone bigger.

Why didn’t iPhones have removable batteries?

Apple didn’t plan to add removable batteries to their iPhones, because they took up a lot of space inside and made the phone heavier and bigger.


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