EPS pensioners note! Generate, submit JPP life certificate in few steps using FaceRD app; here’s how

Note for EPS retirees Generate a JPP Life Certificate in a few steps with the FaceRD app

EPS pensioners note! Generate and submit JPP Certificate of Life in few steps with FaceRD app. here is how

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Pensioners under the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) 1995 are required to submit a Jeevan Pramaan (JPP) or Digital Life Certificate (DLC) to payers such as banks, post offices, etc. once a year, after which their pension will be credited to their account.

Previously, retirees had to appear in person before the payers to present the life certificate, but this requirement caused inconvenience to many old or infirm retirees. This changed with the introduction of the Digital Life Certificate in 2014. However, retirees must generate the DLC in order to present it.

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Where and how can pensioners create a digital certificate of life

Retirees can either create the digital certificate themselves using UMANG or FaceRD apps, or receive it by physically visiting county offices, pension payout banks, and post offices.


Retirees can download the JP application (Generate DLC yourself) from the JP portal https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/app/download and the client application on an Android-based smartphone/tablet or Windows PC/laptop for the Install DLC generation.

physical visit

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Retirees can visit any nearest center (with digital services facilities) such as Citizen Service Center (CSC), the government office/banks dedicated to generate the DLCs and register with their services online. Pensioners may have to pay nominally for this). The All India List of such CSCs (Name & Address) in different states.

FaceRD app

EPFP recently tweeted “Face Authentication Technology for Digital Life Certificates (DLC) of EPS’95 pensioners through Mobile App”.

Advantages :

– Allow submissions of DLC by retirees who have difficulty capturing their biometrics (fingerprint and iris) due to age or health issues.

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-DLC submission from home.

-No dependency on externally registered devices.

-DLC submission also for friends and relatives.

– Pensioners living abroad can also submit their DLC.

How to submit DLCs via mobile

-Download the Aadhaar FaceRD app from the Google Playstore

– Download Face (Android) App from Jeevan Pramaan Portal

-Full authentication

– Retiree authentication

– Selection of the sanctioning authority. Payment office Aadhaar, mobile. PPO number etc.

-Scan face and submit

-Upon approval, successful Life Certificate update and in case of rejection.

SMS to pensioners.

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