Emirates Draw announces new raffle: Win Dh10 million grand prize with Dh15 ticket – News

Participation is a simple game open to all and can be entered with the purchase of a pencil for as little as Dh15

Released: Mon 09/19/2022, 07:25 a.m

Last updated: Mon 09/19/2022, 09:14 am

Emirates Draw celebrated its one year anniversary by announcing the launch of a new draw. This time participation is much easier and you can win millions of dirhams.

Participation in Emirates Draw EASY6 is a simple game accessible to all that can be participated in by purchasing a pencil for only Dh15.

The initiative promises a top prize of Dh10,000,000 in the main draw and supports Emirates Draw’s flagship social responsibility programme, which aims to restore the UAE’s coral reefs.

The EASY6 draws take place every Friday at 9pm UAE time with the first episode being broadcast live on September 30th.

The new Emirates Draw EASY6 game is novel in its format as it offers much higher odds as players select six balls from a pool of just 39.

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Paul Chader, Emirates Draw’s Head of Marketing, explains how with the competitive ticket price of just Dh15, the game is sure to appeal to a significant segment of the draw’s fast-growing audience.

He says: “We saw our one year anniversary as a unique moment to introduce our second game called Emirates Draw EASY6, in large part as a token of appreciation for the success and encouragement we have enjoyed since the release of our first game called Emirates Draw MEGA7.”

He adds: “The progression from one to two weekly games is in line with our players’ expectations as Emirates Draw EASY6 is poised to serve a larger number of participants with exponentially higher odds at a lower entry price. Emirates Draw continues to deliver on its promise – ‘For A Better Tomorrow’ while making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and contributing to society through our leading coral reef restoration program ‘CRRP’.”

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How to play?

If you’ve never played Emirates Draw, here’s some information about the latest addition that you might find useful.

Entrants will have the opportunity to enter Friday’s weekly draw by purchasing a Dh15 pencil at www.emiratesdraw.com or via the app available on both the Android and Apple stores .

After registering online at www.emiratesdraw.com or the mobile app, participants select their preferred six-digit numbers from a pool of 39 balls or let the system randomly select their numbers via the ‘Quick-Pick’ button.

Entrants can purchase up to five consecutive weeks (five draws) in advance by selecting the “Multiple upcoming draws” button.

Due to the multi-prize feature, each ticket enters two draws – the first is a raffle draw where six lucky entrants are guaranteed to win Dh15,000 each, and the second is the main draw, which offers four prize tiers starting at Dh5 and up to a top prize of Dh10 million if all six numbers match.

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This is why Emirates Draw EASY6 claims to be easy

Matched numbers do not have to be in any particular order and the number of balls to choose from is no more than 39, which is considered one of the lowest in the world.

Contestants who match three numbers out of six each win Dh5, while those who match four numbers out of six share a Dh15,000 prize and those who match five out of six numbers share Dh150,000.

Finally, those who match all six numbers share the top prize of Dh10 million.


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