“Education is the path out of poverty.”

Elon Musk shared some thoughts on alleviating poverty on Twitter late Thursday night. He is often criticized for his billionaire status by many critics, particularly those who try to mislead vulnerable populations into believing that Elon Musk is to blame for their affliction.

“Education,” Elon Musk said, “is the way out of poverty, and internet access makes education possible,” Elon Musk said last night in response to Tesla owners at the Silicon Vally Club, who pointed out that Starlink works by connecting schools in the Amazon region gives people access to education.

By providing Starlink internet to schools in the Amazon, SpaceX is helping communities in the region access the education needed that would lift people out of poverty. SpaceX is also in talks with officials in the Republic of Zambia regarding Starlink services in the country.

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This isn’t the first time Elon Musk has pointed to education as a crucial solution to solving poverty. In my own interview with Elon Musk in July, poverty and the Musk Foundation were topics of our interview and I asked Elon which of his foundation’s achievements he was most proud of.

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He was quick to tell me that he felt the foundation hadn’t done enough. However, an educational XPRIZE he funded that focused on improving literacy was something he believed was doing some good.

“I think that was cool and I think that did some good. To the extent that you can improve literacy, you essentially improve everything in a given society because it can now learn skills,” he told me.

“Basically, if you can’t read, it’s hard to lift someone out of poverty if they can’t read.”

To solve poverty, Elon emphasized that literacy and access to the internet are important. He added that we need to think beyond the United States as there are billions of people with no internet connection or very low bandwidth.

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“This is the case in many parts of the world — billions of people,” Elon said.

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Elon Musk on poverty: “Education is the way out of poverty.”

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