Drag Race Down Under’s Beverly Kills Sets Internet On Fire With Hellish Outfit

Drag star and contestant to RuPaul’s Drag Race Down UnderOn Wednesday, Beverly Kills took the internet to task, introducing an iconic devil-inspired look.

In a social media post, promoting her upcoming one-woman show, heaven hellBeverly showed off the stunning figure.

Horns, tail, and socket

The costume, a strapless, skin-tight yellow dress, complete with extra-long toes, horns, and a tail, held in place with the help of a butt plug.

“It’s true. Unfortunately,” Beverly shared.

In a later post, when a fan tweeted, “Making Beverly a tail stopper for a look is a bait we didn’t know we needed,” the Brisbane-based queen replied, “So serious about drag.”

The internet chimes in

Of course, friends, colleagues and fans got involved.

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Fellow RuGurl Aubrey Haive commented, “Nice work.”

Another user, Aqua the Marine, wrote, “It wouldn’t touch sides with me.”

One person rudely commented, “Someone wear their kegels.”

Another person wrote, “Oh well that picture is now burnt in my mind, thank you Beverly.”

“Wait!!! Is that tail a literal butt plug?? I’m screaming!!!! Hot!!,” wrote another in disbelief.

The show stop costume was designed and created by The Hemmingbird Queensland.

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Beverly Kills Presents: Heaven and Hell It will be at the Adelaide Fringe Festival from 28th February to 4th March.

According to the Adelaide Fringe Brief, “After a freak accident and Beverly’s untimely (but remarkable) death, come and witness firsthand judgment… Will a life of *sin* drag her case? Or will this amazing woman be holy enough for a place with the Elder God?”

Beverly competed RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Season 2, where she finished fifth at the top.

She was one of the youngest queens to compete on Drag Race Down Under. She is also the first Queen from Brisbane.

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Talking to Star ObserverAfter her elimination from Drag Race, Beverly said, “Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, but for some reason we’ve got one drag race queen. I’m really hoping that if and when next season happens we have someone else. I’ll sit them down and guide them – it’s all about How to do it, and what you need to do to win.

Beverly started her journey at the age of 18. RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.


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