Doug Ducey’s border wall is one step closer to obliteration

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona appears to be on the right side being sued by the Biden administration for the Trumpian border “preservation” plan that is bad in every sense of the word.

The Ducey administration has spent months setting up a far worse construction project than Trump’s border wall — and the new justice will die for good. Since August, Ducey has ordered Arizona officials to block shipping containers along the US-Mexico border and line them with barbed wire, creating a dangerous barrier. of his creation to the darkness of the government.

It’s also a play by Ducey, who made the large theater a calling card during his tenure as governor. Remember: Like moves from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, this year Ducey brought immigrants from his home state to Washington, DC, in what appears to be an anti-immigration demonstration. to provoke xenophobic hatred.

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But the shipping containers are terrifying shrines to white, anti-immigrant sentiment. And sometimes it has been proven ineffective. However, thankfully, as of last week, the federal government has sued Ducey – that’s right, the state of Arizona – to remove them.

“Arizona has entered reclaimed land and forest along the US-Mexico border and has installed – and continues to install – hundreds of double-decker, shipping containers that damage the lands of government, threatens public safety, and impedes the ability of government agencies and officials, including law enforcement officers, to perform their official duties,” according to the indictment was filed last Wednesday.

The Biden administration is asking the U.S. District Court for Arizona to rule that Ducey’s campaign trespasses on federal land and violates various federal laws. The federal government is seeking reimbursement from Arizona for the cost of removing the containers and repairing the damaged land.

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Wildlife experts have sounded the alarm about the negative impact of Ducey’s small art project. They said the containers would block key migration routes for endangered species leaving Mexico, block important water sources that sustain plants in the region, and destroy habitats.

Ducey will hand over the governor’s reins to Democratic governor-elect Katie Hobbs, who has opposed the container wall, within weeks. Hobbs has vowed to stop adding new bottles, and a federal lawsuit is pending. of the federal government.

In response to the federal government, Ducey’s spokesman told the Arizona Republic that “shipping containers are a temporary solution to an ongoing problem.” A spokeswoman said the boondoggle – estimated to cost $95 million when completed – was a success because “the government got a chance to do it.”

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Of course, it is really personal reading of things, to put it mildly. The federal government should ask Ducey to remove parts of the fake wall he built because it is blocking the administration’s plans to fill in the gaps in the wall built by Trump.

Shipping containers are big, have bad policies and look bad. Thanks to the outgoing governor.


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