Cruise News Update: September 24, 2022

We’ve got you covered with all the major cruise news for the past week, including some important updates due to dock damage, Norwegian is raising the price of packages and developments on one of Royal Caribbean’s most anticipated new cruise ships.

Cruise News Update

Get ready for your cruise news update with all the important stories from the past week covered on Cruise Hive. We are beginning some itinerary changes for the Carnival Vista due to ship issues.

We’ve got details on Norwegian Cruise Line’s beverage package price hike, Internet restrictions on two Carnival ships, the damaged pier at Grand Turk due to Hurricane Fiona, and the latest information on Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s next new cruise ship, the is under construction.

Changed six departures for Carnival Vista

Due to cruising speed reductions required for onboard maintenance, Carnival vistaThe itinerary of will be changed for six upcoming departures. The ship’s 2022 departures on October 15, October 29 and November 12, and 2023 departures on January 21, February 4 and February 18 are affected.

Each of the affected 2022 itineraries is a 7-day round-trip Western Caribbean cruise departing from Galveston. Initial plans called for two days at sea followed by visits to Montego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and Cozumel, Mexico. The schedule should conclude with another day at sea before arriving back in Galveston.

Carnival Vista cruise ship
Credit: SeregaSibTravel/Shutterstock

Departures in 2023 are similar, with the ship following the same route but calling at Falmouth, Jamaica instead of Montego Bay. Now all six itineraries have been changed and will no longer call at Grand Cayman or Jamaica.

Instead, the ship will remain much further west, replacing Belize and Roatan, Honduras, as alternative ports of call. The ship’s stay in Cozumel will also be extended.

Aside from the “maintenance” affecting the maximum cruising speed of the 133,500 gross tonne ship, no details were given as to the nature of the work to be carried out Carnival vista.

Since speed will be affected, it is likely that maintenance will be related to the ship’s engines or directly associated engineering or navigational systems.

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Hotel operations, food and beverage service and entertainment options are unlikely to be impacted and the onboard guest experience will remain the same.

Norwegian drink packages Prince Hike

With prices up $10 on both the Premium Plus beverage package and the Unlimited Open Bar beverage package, Norwegian Cruise Line has come out on top expensive cruise line for drink packages in the industry.

The Premium Plus beverage package, currently $128 per person per day, will be increased to $138 per person per day excluding tips. There’s no limit to what guests can order, including wine, champagne, and premium drinks.

Norwegian Cruise Line deck
Credit: Melissa Mayntz

Including the 20% gratuity that the cruise line adds to the package, the price guests pay per day for a couple is just over $165, which equates to $330.

The second-tier beverage package, the Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package, is currently $99 per person. From January 1, 2023, the price will increase to $109 per person per day. Package includes all beverages up to $15 per serving. Since 2017, the price of this pack has increased by $30.

Of course, one could argue that the increase in prices is due to these discounts, and that’s probably the case. However, with prices rising around the world, Norwegian Cruise Line’s bottom line is also being hit, and price hikes will always be the direction cruise lines are headed.

Carnival Internet Restrictions

Internet issues continue to exist on Carnival Cruise Line ships sailing along the Northeast Coast of the United States. Last week, the cruise line issued a new letter to guests booked aboard two Carnival cruise ships that depart from New York and Baltimore. say internet connections are limited.

This is the second time in a month that Carnival has notified guests of onboard internet access issues. The problem seems to only seriously affect ships in this area. This is particularly painful given that Carnival recently announced it would be raising prices for internet connections onboard its ships.

Carnival Cruise Line ship
Photo Credit: Nataliia Martseniuk/Shutterstock

Guests sailing aboard Carnival Magic September 17 from New York City and guests sailing aboard carnival legend from Baltimore, Maryland on the current voyage and departing September 25 have been informed that their cruises will have limited internet access during the voyage.

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The email sent to guests who booked one of the three trips said the following: “Due to problems with some of the ship’s satellites, there will be limited WiFi access during your cruise.”

Carnival Cruise Line’s statement that Wi-Fi will not be strong enough to offer the premium package onboard comes at a painful moment for the cruise line as increased internet prices are introduced.

The Premium rate is the top-rated WiFi package aboard Carnival ships and is designed to allow guests to make video calls and engage in other high-bandwidth activities on their devices.

Grand Turk Dock damaged after hurricane

Aerial video of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands, obtained with the help of a US Coast Guard airlift, clearly shows extensive damage to the cruise ship’s dock, with extensions to the concrete pier completely absent. These extensions allow larger vessels to safely dock at the dock.

An additional video shows the missing sections washed up on an adjacent beach some distance from the dock. The retaining walls at the foot of the pier where it meets the beach were also damaged.

Although most of the pier’s structure appears to be intact, a technical assessment and safety inspection will likely be required to ensure the integrity of the structure before it can be used.

Damage to Grand Turk Pier
Footage: DDME

In addition, the length of the pier affects what size cruise ships can safely dock. If exchanging the extensions is a difficult process, larger cruise lines such as those operated by Carnival Cruise Line can carnival can’t visit.

carnival has confirmed itinerary changes for the carnival, Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Freedom, all of which should dock in the coming days. The ships have now docked Grand Turk while repairs are carried out at the pier.

Hurricane Fiona crossed over Grand Turk on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 as a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour (185 kilometers per hour). The island experienced widespread power outages and cell service disruptions, but no injuries or deaths were reported from the hurricane.

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Icon of the Seas build update

The second episode behind the scenes Making an Icon is aptly titled Shaping an Icon, and through the 7+ minute footage, viewers actually see mecon of the seas to take shape at the Meyer Turku shipyard in south-west Finland.

From the first steel cutting for the ship to the keel laying and coin ceremony in April 2022, the highly anticipated new ship for Royal Caribbean International comes together. In fact, the ship is now more than 50% complete, just over a year since the first steel cut on June 14, 2021.

The icon of the seas from Royal Caribbean
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

Even as ship construction continues, many of the final design details are still being confirmed. Colors, themes and other interior details are still decided by Royal Caribbean’s Innovation Lab using 3D models, life-size models, artwork and more.

“From a structural point of view, Icon will be about 80 percent complete by December,” said Jennifer Goswami, director of product development at Royal Caribbean. “We are now working really intensively with our operational partners and refining all the details.”

These details, hinted at throughout the video, include the mysterious sphere, whose purpose has not yet been revealed, as well as new water features, lighting and structures that are visible but not yet explained.

While no date has yet been announced for when the next video in the Making an Icon series might be released, the first installment was released in mid-August, so the third installment is likely to be unveiled in October.

More cruise headlines

Those were just some of the cruise headlines from the past week. We have even broader coverage of how tropical storms and hurricanes are impacting cruises. There is also news Carnival Luminosa be registered with the Bahamas, cruise park fees increasingly in the port of Tampa Bay in Florida, Royal Caribbean Expansion with entertainment optionsnew plans released for a New construction of a cruise port in FranceNorwegian make a change to their loyalty program and so much more.

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