CORRECTING and REPLACING Vantiq Secures Patent to Advance State of the Art for Distributed Software

WALNUT CREEK, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the third paragraph, first sentence of the September 15, 2022 release, the reference to “Paul Butterfield” should read: Paul Butterworth.

Also, in the seventh paragraph, second sentence of the publication, the reference to “Butterfield” should read: Butterworth.

The updated version is:


Leading edge-to-cloud application provider expands its intellectual property portfolio with a solution to optimize the distribution of event-driven IoT applications

Vantiq, Inc., provider of the leading low-code application development platform for distributed real-time systems, today announced that it has been granted a US patent for “Deploying an Event-Driven Application in an IoT Environment.”

The new patent, number 11,397,620 B2, issued July 26, 2022 to inventors Paul Butterworth, Evan Zhang and Steve Langley, describes proprietary technology developed by Vantiq to enable the deployment and operation of distributed applications in various computing environments – including data centers, public or private cloud infrastructure, and/or edge computing and IoT environments.

“The importance of this unique technology is that you can automatically be assured that processing is taking place at the optimal time and in the optimal place,” said Paul Butterworth, Vantiq’s Chief Technology Officer. “The end result is that performance is dramatically improved.”

Processing in the right place – cloud, edge and somewhere in between

Processing assignment is often trial-and-error, and Vantiq’s approach ensures application processing occurs at the best time and in the best place, be it in the cloud, at the edge, or anywhere in between.

Democratization of distributed computing

Vantiq provides the leading low-code platform for building and deploying distributed real-time solutions that connect IoT sensors, AI systems and people. In particular, the platform simplifies the partitioning and distribution of business applications, allowing user organizations to change or reorganize their deployment options very quickly—in seconds or minutes, without writing or redesigning code. This patented approach democratizes distributed computing by making it easy and efficient for users to optimize distributed computing strategies without legions of developers or years of investment.

The functionality described in the patent encompasses Vantiq’s approach of automatically assigning the elements of a software application to the various nodes of a given distributed computing environment. Vantiq creates these deployment models automatically and in real-time, giving users the ability to customize their application deployment strategies through a graphical interface.

“This addition to our growing intellectual property portfolio is truly significant as no other company does what Vantiq does. The ability to dynamically design and adjust application delivery strategies is a tremendous time saver for our customers, allowing them to optimize performance without coding,” continued Butterworth. “We are delighted to receive the patent award and congratulate Evan and Steve – and the entire Vantiq team – for driving this innovation and making a true breakthrough in low-code.”

About Vantiq

Vantiq offers a truly groundbreaking platform that supports use cases of the future, where massive computing and networking power is packed into things like sensors and cameras, devices that fit in a human hand, and the near-infinite capacity of the cloud. Vantiq’s platform is the first product to enable companies to more easily build truly distributed, real-time solutions that enable millisecond decision and response times. It integrates apps living at the edge, in specialized devices, and in the cloud with almost no integration effort. Vantiq was founded in 2015 by software veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. For more information, please visit Vantiq at or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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