Comedy Club To Stage First Ever Virtual Reality Stand-Up Gig

Manchester Frog and Bucket Comedy Club has partnered with the $JOKE community to host a virtual comedy show. which is the first time in the UK

The first event took place on Saturday December 3, with West Country superstar Cerys Nelmes (pictured) introducing comedian, actor, radio host and all-around legend Justin Moorhouse, Manchester United star Brennan Reece. Peter and Peter Brush, the clever tinkerer. The show will run for over 50 minutes and will be pre-recorded from the Frog and Bucket stage, but with your Oculus virtual reality headset, it will be as if you were sitting right there in the auditorium!

This exciting partnership brings The Frog and Bucket to a whole new global audience!

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The Frog will have its own club on the Infiniverse and the ability to host concerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Speaking about the move, Jessica Toomey, managing director of The Frog and Bucket, said: “This exciting opportunity has arrived and the team at $JOKE is really pioneering this space. We can’t wait to show off in new ways. to new audiences around the world.”

Simon Young, founder and CEO of $JOKE, commented, “The Frog and Bucket is clearly a big hit in the UK. And their performances will work well in the metaverse space.”

Andy Price, co-founder and CEO of $JOKE, added: “The Frog and Bucket’s ability to promote the show and their comedians to audiences around the world is a groundbreaking approach. We can’t wait to see them in space.”

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The Frog and Bucket comedy club was first opened in Manchester in 1994 by David Perkin in a room above a pub near its current location in the city center’s legendary Northern Quarter. The club hosts professional live performances at stand-up shows on Thursdays and weekends. Give voice to the new show on Monday. and hosting solo performances and all kinds of other comedy events during the COVID lockdown. The club started livestreaming which still maintains, Perkin’s daughter Toomey took over full management of the club in 2018.

The club has nurtured the talent of some of the biggest comedians such as John Bishop, Peter Kay, Johnny Vegas, Sarah Millican and Jack Whitehall, to name a few. Now you can see the talent at the club without leaving your door. your page

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$JOKE Community is the world’s leading comedy brand on Metaverse. Run by two entrepreneurs from South Yorkshire, they run nine virtual comedy clubs in the Infiniverse (powered by Oculus and Meta) and are launching in Altspace, TCG world, and other top metaverses soon.

In addition, they aim to help comedians create their own jokes on the blockchain in the form of NFT.

More information about the $JOKE community.

Joke Community

The metaverse at the club will be:


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