Comcast Raises Internet Prices AGAIN. T-Mobile Responds, Urging Fed Up Comcast Customers to “Make Xfinity Your Ex”

T-Mobile leads circles around Comcast Literally, right at this moment With Un-carrier’s revolutionary internet service

Now, Comcast customers can take $750 to pay off Xfinity’s early termination fee and get T-Mobile 5G Internet for $25 a month for a limited time this holiday season.

what’s new: T-Mobile launches “Make Xfinity Your Ex” Giving fed up Comcast Xfinity customers up to $750 for breaking a Comcast contract, plus unlimited T-Mobile Home and Business Internet for just $25 a month (with auto-pay) with an eligible voice line .

why does it matter: Comcast just raised Xfinity Internet rates again — just a year since the last time. Now, dissatisfied Xfinity customers can experience the Internet the Un-carrier way.

for whom: Millions of people are stuck with companies like Comcast Xfinity who have made the broadband industry in America so hated.

T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) launched a new campaign today calling on dissatisfied Xfinity customers to part ways with one of the largest Internet service providers.

This press release features multimedia. Watch the full release here:

Comcast raises internet rates again.  T-Mobile responds, urging fed-up Comcast customers to

Comcast raises internet rates again. T-Mobile responds, urging fed-up Comcast customers to “make Xfinity your ex-girlfriend” (Photo: Business Wire)

With “Make Xfinity Your Ex,” T-Mobile is offering Comcast Xfinity customers a deal that’s almost too good to be true: Get up to $750 to pay off their Internet service contract and unlimited T-Mobile 5G Internet for just $25 per month. . That’s a massive 50% off T-Mobile 5G Internet that’s already low, no BS, the flat rate every month when you have a qualifying voice line.

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To help draw attention to the cause, T-Mobile is leading circles around Comcast. Literally. For 25 hours straight (we’re currently at 5), a mobile advertising truck flies around Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia highlighting some awesome Comcast customer service “hits.”

“Xfinity customers are clearly tired of BS. They’re hungry for a better option — and now they have one with T-Mobile 5G Internet,” said Mike Katz, T-Mobile’s president of marketing, innovation and experience. “At a time when Comcast locks customers into contracts And drive up their costs, the Un-carrier is here to provide people with a new option that’s contract-free, full of value and ultimately gives the Big Internet some real competition.”

T-Mobile is putting customers first at a time when companies like Comcast have become increasingly synonymous with bad customer treatment. More than half of T-Mobile’s 2 million home internet customers come from Big Cable companies like Comcast. And they are much happier now. T-Mobile Home Internet customers give the service a Net Promoter Score (NPS)—a common measure of customer satisfaction—higher than fiber providers and 30 points higher than other cable and Internet services. [1].

T-Mobile doesn’t just win public satisfaction. In its 2022 PCMag Readers’ Choice Awards, T-Mobile Home Internet crushed Xfinity across value, ease of use, customer service, speed, and reliability.

Comcast Xfinity is the poster child for what goes without competition. For more than two decades, it has been a leader in the two most hated industries in America today – cable television and internet service providers. The result is a customer base that really dislikes Comcast Xfinity and its catalog of headache-inducing features like exploding billing, snappy fees, and painful customer service.

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And as if things couldn’t get any worse, internet customers are facing another price hike that takes effect on December 20, with prices increasing by an average of 3.8% this time around. This latest price hike comes just a year after Comcast last raised prices. Ouch. Meanwhile, T-Mobile 5G Internet is available to Xfinity customers with unlimited high-speed Internet that comes with Price Lock — so your price is locked for Internet for as long as you choose to keep your plan.

While “Make Xfinity Your Ex” launches today and we’re not stopping (so stay tuned for more), this pricing for T-Mobile Home and Business Internet is now available for a limited time. Learn more at

For more information on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, visit here. For more information on T-Mobile’s Business Internet, visit here. If 5G internet is not available for your home or business, 4G internet may be available.

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During congestion, Internet customers may notice slower speeds than other customers due to data priority. For use only at the location provided upon activation. Credit approval required. Auto Pay: $5 per month. The discount may not be reflected on the first invoice. Regulatory fees included in the monthly service price for eligible accounts. If canceling internet service, return the gate or pay up to $750. $25/month. Fifthia bill balance with qualifying voice line; It may take up to 2 bill cycles and the credits will stop if you cancel any lines or change plans. Transfer costs: Up to $750 in eligible early termination fees via a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. qualifying credit required; The card usually takes 8 weeks to complete. Price lock Ensures that new accounts with eligible service can maintain the regular monthly rate plan price for existing unlimited home internet data; Excludes taxes/fees, select limited-time promotions, per-use fees, third-party services, hardware and network management practices.

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[1] Based on HarrisX’s Total Communications Survey (TCS) from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022


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