Cloudflare Expands Access to Zero Trust Platform – Giving Customers More Control and Visibility Across Their Network, Data, and Apps

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE). Generally available as part of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform. Cloudflare CASB provides organizations with visibility and control over their SaaS enterprise applications to secure workplace tools, detect shadow IT, and control user access. Cloudflare DLP customers have increased protection and control over the flow of data in their network – detecting and preventing data exfiltration, scanning for personally identifiable information (PII), and securing access to sensitive information. By combining Cloudflare CASB with the data controls provided by DLP, customers can easily achieve a high level of visibility across their organization without the complexity of legacy solutions.

It’s more important than ever that CISOs have control over who can access specific applications or data. Over the past 90 days, Cloudflare has helped CASB early adopters identify more than five million instances of potential data leakage and unauthorized shadow IT and ensure these issues did not become incidents for these organizations,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “Legacy solutions often require clunky point solutions that slow down networks and employees. However, because Cloudflare’s CASB and DLP services are built directly into our Zero Trust platform and part of our global network, we can not only protect critical data and applications, but also accelerate network traffic.”

Many companies are adopting more SaaS applications than ever before, driven by the need to work more efficiently and collaboratively in a distributed or hybrid work environment. As a result of this shift, more and more sensitive data is stored in the cloud via email services, HR applications and collaboration tools. This has increased the burden on security teams, who now have to oversee the security of numerous applications, and increases the risk of security incidents from misconfigured settings, incorrect access controls, or disgruntled employees. Because CASB and DLP are part of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, organizations can easily protect their applications, data, and employees from today’s threat landscape without the complex integration costs or impact on employee productivity of many legacy systems.

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Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust SASE platform natively integrated with Cloudflare’s global network, spanning 275+ cities in 100+ countries. This deeply integrated approach ensures easy deployment with just a few clicks and lightning-fast performance wherever users are. With Cloudflare’s API-driven CASB and DLP services, available through Cloudflare One, organizations can now:

  • Prevent data leaks, block insider threats, and avoid compliance violations: With just a few clicks, Cloudflare’s API-driven CASB gives IT and security teams visibility into SaaS applications by identifying a wide range of security issues, including misconfigurations and data security risks – all from a single dashboard.
  • Identify and stop data exfiltration: Cloudflare DLP protects customer information and prevents it from being exfiltrated from the corporate network.
  • Detect shadow IT across the enterprise network: cloud flare CASB helps customers identify rogue systems and services, enabling security teams to detect and mitigate previously unknown security risks.
  • Provisioning in minutes: Because both services are integrated with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, Cloudflare’s DLP and CASB are simple and quick to deploy and easily integrated with other security tools.
  • Back up sensitive information automatically: Organizations can identify traffic containing sensitive information using a variety of pre-designed patterns, including scanning for personally identifiable information and financial information, and then easily secure it.
  • Secure the entire network: Unlike traditional DLP point solutions that focus on specific areas like email gateways, Cloudflare DLP runs across Cloudflare’s global network, meaning it can secure data across entire enterprise networks.
  • Apply granular controls to any application: Prevent employees from uploading or downloading sensitive data across a range of popular SaaS applications.
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For more information on getting started with Cloudflare CASB or DLP services, see the information below:

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