Claire Foy Returns to ‘The Crown’ Season 5, Charming Internet: ‘I Screamed’

The internet is delighted with the return of Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in the new season the crown.

Foy played a young Queen Elizabeth in the first two seasons of the Netflix original drama series based on the royal family. The seasons took place between 1947 and 1964.

Every two seasons, the cast is changed to follow characters who have aged through family history. To finish the fourth season, Olivia Colman turned the role over to Imelda Staunton to take on the role of Elizabeth, and showcase events that occurred during the 1990s and beyond.

In an interview with Netflix, Staunton found playing the Queen in the ’90s “familiar but intimidating.”

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She said, “I think the challenge I felt for myself – the extra challenge, if there wasn’t enough on my board – was to be the queen that people recognize so much more now, the older queen.”

The internet enjoyed the look of Claire Foy
Above, Claire Foy attends the premiere of “My Son” in Paris, France, on October 14, 2022. “The Crown” fans were delighted to see Foy returning as Queen Elizabeth II in a cameo.
Stefan Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis Entertainment

Claire Foy [version] It was almost a fashion drama because it looked so long ago, and then Olivia Colman’s play was, again, like a piece of time. [This season] Just feeling more present. I thought, “I can’t fool anyone now,” she continued.

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See fan reactions to Foy’s cameo below.

the crown Season 5 is over, and the first thing I see is the return of CLAIRE FOY to our screen! Totally screaming because it’s by far the best depiction of the Queen I’ve ever seen. Obsessed with this season already,” one fan tweeted.

One fan exclaimed, “When I tell you everything I cried when I saw Claire Foy back for a few minutes!”

“Mine [favorite] The genre is Claire Foy’s return to flashback scenes Elizabeth,” another tweeted.

“Couldn’t help but show up and steal the show from everyone, she had to,” she wrote on Twitter in a tweet translated by Claire Foy the Queen.

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Claire Foy always comes back to [The Crown]As she should be, the only queen we need and deserve,” one user wrote in a translated tweet.

Another said in a translated tweet: “Claire Foy secured in just a few seconds with her eyes the next Emmy as Queen Elizabeth.”

“Every second is a wonderful and chilling masterpiece. But, a [Claire Foy] Embossing in the first 3 minutes is just plain degeneration. Easter eggs are usually sprinkled. But , [The Crown] Season five begins with one. Well, finally, she’s back,” said another fan.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Claire Foy in Season 5 Episode 1 is a pleasant surprise.”

Another added, “It would be great to see Claire Foy as young Queen Elizabeth again in Season 5.”

“CLAIRE FOY HAS AN INCREDIBLE IN the crown Fifth season!!!!!! Another fan wrote.

NEWSWEEK I’ve reached out to Netflix and Foy representatives for comment.


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