Chris Rock Will Perform Netflix’s First Ever Live Stand-Up Show

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Netflix announced Thursday that it is attending live streaming events with comedy specials from Chris Rock. Follow other streamers such as Amazon Prime Video and AppleTV+ outside of pre-recorded programming.

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Netflix said Thursday Rock will be the first artists to perform live on the streaming service. in a special episode that will air worldwide in early 2023.

Several mainstream streaming services have joined the livestream: Amazon Prime Video begins broadcasting Thursday night football games this year, Apple TV+ begins streaming Friday night baseball games, Peacock presents the TV channel. Dozens of live channels and live sports games, and Hulu offers live TV on Expansion.

Netflix’s investment in live streaming comes days after reports that the streaming service was exploring live sports offerings and had previously negotiated for the rights to stream Formula One and the World Surf League.

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Live streaming isn’t the only new capability coming to Netflix from other streaming services. This month, it launched a lower, ad-supported tier for $6.99 per month, with Disney following the $7.99 monthly base package launching in December when HBO Max and Discovery+ combine into a single service next year. It will offer free subscriptions with ads, just like Peacock is now. Earlier this year, Netflix reported its first subscriber loss in 10 years, although it rebounded at the end of the third quarter. In a bid to invest in original series like Disney, Netflix plans to launch a reality-based show. octopus game and announced this week that it will launch a virtual reality game based on Strange things. Live sports have already made a big payoff on Amazon Prime Video for the first week. It has an average viewership of 13.3 million people alone and brings registrations to the service.

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223.09 million. That’s the number of subscribers Netflix reported to have last month. WarnerBros Discovery reported last week that there are 95 million subscribers between HBO, HBO Max and Discovery+. Disney+ has 164.2 million. Netflix is ​​trading at about $275 per share. It is down from the $682 level it traded a year ago.

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