Chipmakers drive faster connectivity for Africa

The fifth generation of mobile network technology, or 5G, is gaining momentum around the world. For Africa, it is an exciting opportunity to leapfrog traditional technologies and enter the world of fast and real-time broadband. 5G builds on the transformative impact of 4G/LTE, which helped bring fast internet to many parts of the world.

Network operators all over the country have a great production watch. But for their investment to move the needle on connecting the country, 5G-ready smartphones must be available to everyone. This is the main area of ​​innovation by chipset companies and smartphone manufacturers. By putting 5G devices in the hands of consumers, they will enable everyone to join the digital economy.

At MediaTek, we want to ensure that we enable OEMs to bring next-generation technologies to reach all segments of society in a timely manner. This is not uncommon so that everyone can enjoy a 4K viewing experience while streaming Showmax and seamless mobile gaming wherever they are. To pave the way for people around the world to take advantage of the educational, economic and social benefits of fast and reliable internet connectivity.

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High-speed connectivity enables next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which may be key to Africa’s digital future.

Another area we are innovating in is mobile gaming, which is growing at an unprecedented rate. Our chips add many new features to speed up game load times, create reliable and low-latency connections, improve video performance, increase battery life, and improve the responsiveness of the touch screen interface.

MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Technology makes the gaming experience more fluid and responsive. Players will benefit from 5G and Wi-Fi connections at low cost and the ability to compare multiple networks; resource management that maximizes and maintains frames per second; improved battery life; and new AI image enhancements.

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For several years, we have laid the groundwork for the mass adoption of 5G. We’re focused on creating chips that offer amazing cameras, advanced processors and integrated 5G for everyone. For more power users, the Dimensity 9000+ is our fastest 5G smartphone chip for flagship phones.

We’re focused on making 5G accessible and accessible to everyone with our Dimensity family of integrated 5G chips. The Dimensity system on chip or SOC is one of the key components of a 5G smartphone. It will include 5G speeds, the latest gaming technologies, and professional photography and videography.

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Despite the rapid progress of 5G, we also know that 4G/LTE has an important role to play in Africa. We are working with handset manufacturers and operators to drive more 4G capacity in areas where adoption is slow. This will help bring millions of people who still rely on 3G networks and devices into the era of fast and ubiquitous internet.

The chipset sector has done a lot to democratize technology and solutions for powerful, affordable devices without compromise. However, we are not done yet. We are constantly working to improve energy efficiency, performance, multimedia, connection speed, and other useful features in our chips.

Rami Osman is director of corporate sales and marketing at MediaTek Middle East and Africa


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