Canadian woman’s lottery win leaves internet divided

It’s an old tale – families are thrown into conflict when good fortune comes their way in the form of a lottery win.

However, a young Canadian woman developed a serious moral scab after checking tickets for her uncle and subsequently relished the idea of ​​churning out the large winnings from free plays for herself.

The woman recently took to an online forum to ask, “Am I the hole?” – Reveal what you did.

It all started when she was approached by her estranged uncle, who reached out to her at random to ask if she could check tickets he had bought while she was in her area.

She said he couldn’t do it himself on the internet because his IP address showed he was in a different county.

She agreed, and he sent her pictures of the tickets.

After checking her out on an app, her uncle has won her some free plays.

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After a week, I used one of the free plays and made $8,986.42.

File photo of lottery tickets at a kiosk in Toronto, Canada.
File photo of lottery tickets at a kiosk in Toronto, Canada.
NurPhoto via Getty Images

“Now, if you bought the original ticket, everything will be fine and wonderful,” she said.

“But I feel I might be the pit here if I hadn’t informed my uncle and offered to split the prize.

“I mean, the free tickets/plays were useless to him without me, and I picked the one I won the most, but I never spent any money on any lottery tickets.”

The woman went to inform the forum that she was considering telling him that she had won some money, but a smaller amount, and then she would keep the difference.

“Should I tell him I won, but only like $3,000, and see what his reaction is?” she asked.

“Then, in a worst-case scenario, I’m the gifted niece who won $3,000 and gave everything to my relative, and I still had enough for most of my new heating solutions.”

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In an attempt to offer some extenuating circumstances to the forum, she said she and her uncle “were not close”.

A variety of Canadian lottery games are spread out on the table.
A variety of Canadian lottery games are spread out on the table.
stock struggle

“I mean, we’ve seen each other twice in the last 15 years maybe, once at a wedding and once at a funeral,” she said as a disclaimer.

“I’m not close to anyone on this side of the family, so alienating them is, well, our current dynamic, really.”

But the good in her seems to have prevailed, as the woman finally decides to confess to her uncle.

“I’ll text him in the morning,” she said, “I honestly don’t care much about money, and I’d rather have good karma.”

“I’ll see what he wants to do, and if he wants all of it, I suggest I keep a few dollars for my business — like $20 — and call it a good name.”

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But her short-sightedness of greed prompted the forum to exaggerate morals.

“You are a big hole. This money is not yours, and you are clearly not happy helping people when you are now thinking of stealing the money they have earned,”

“If you don’t discuss what to do with any potential winnings, you technically haven’t done anything wrong. On the other hand, I only got the tickets because of him, so if it were me, I’d offer him half of the winnings,” said another understanding person.

“For me personally, I would offer half, just because I would hate for something like that to come between family (we all know what money can do to some people), even though they are under no obligation to do so, it is good to offer,” added another.


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