Calix Launches its Revenue EDGE Platform in the U.K

Continuing its growth trajectory, Calix is ​​bringing the power of its Calix Revenue EDGE (Revenue EDGE) subscriber experience platform to the United Kingdom at this year’s Connected Britain conference.

Altnet ISPs are reshaping the future of fiber and now have the opportunity to transform their subscriber experience with Revenue EDGE. This turnkey solution has helped broadband service providers (BSPs) in the United States (US) increase their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and reduce operational costs – with NPS in the 60’s, 70’s and in one case up to 90 NPS measures customer experience and provides the best metric to anchor altnet customer experience management programs. Similarly, US BSPs were able to reduce OPEX by a third.

The explosion of applications and devices at the subscriber edge represents the biggest opportunity for altnets to create managed experiences that generate new revenue streams. Altnets is already deploying Calix GigaSpire® BLAST Wi-Fi 6 systems to deliver the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience. Revenue EDGE builds on this foundation by integrating real-time subscriber insights and new revenue-generating EDGE suites – ExperienceIQ™ and ProtectIQ™. These new applications help altnets solve and support the rapidly growing management and security complexities of the smart, connected home.

The Revenue EDGE platform offers innovative technology and cloud-based services that ensure an exceptional subscriber experience while reducing OPEX and creating new revenue opportunities. These include:

A growing suite of managed services to protect homes and families – with complete subscriber control. With the intuitive and customizable CommandIQ® mobile app, altnets can deliver managed subscriber services that generate revenue and delight subscribers. ProtectIQ enables altnets to protect and manage subscriber networks from a variety of threats, viruses, malware, phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware and malicious websites. Altnets can block 100,000 threats per month or more with ProtectIQ. ExperienceIQ helps protect family members with online parental controls to keep inappropriate content out of the home. The world’s largest portfolio of managed Wi-Fi 6 systems to provide complete coverage for homes, businesses and communities. All Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems are integrated with Revenue EDGE, giving altnet unmatched flexibility to mix and match systems, reduce deployment times to just weeks, and reduce back-office and integration complexity. The portfolio also allows them to secure their status as market leaders by providing additional value-added managed services. EDGE Insights provides network visibility that Altnets can leverage to improve first call resolution, reduce truck roll and proactively increase customer satisfaction. Integrated analytics in the Calix Support Cloud enable end-to-end visibility into the subscriber experience for proactive identification of issues and resolutions, simplification of workflows, and upsell opportunities for subscribers. Support Cloud’s network visibility has helped US BSPs improve first-call resolution and, in one case, reduced truck rolls by two-thirds. With over three years of investment in content and technology development, Market Activation makes your brand as powerful as that of any consumer giant. The Electronic Content Builder offers ready-made marketing campaigns for acquisition, upselling/cross-selling and customer retention. It also includes brandable onboarding content and customer training materials, as well as hundreds of free photos, graphics, and videos.

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For Hull-based Connexin, Revenue EDGE means they can offer a true end-to-end solution, from the full fiber network to the Calix GigaSpire Wi-Fi 6 systems and mobile app.

Furqan Alamgir, CEO of Connexin
We wanted to innovate and reinvent a typical broadband connection, putting additional control in the hands of our subscribers. In partnership with Calix we have developed a Connexin branded mobile app powered by CommandIQ along with the Calix Revenue EDGE portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 systems and Calix Support Cloud Analytics. This gives our subscribers true visibility and control to understand and manage every aspect of their connected home to create a superior customer experience.

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Eoin Heaney, Vice President of International Sales for Calix
We are responding to that reputation by launching the Calix Revenue EDGE solution in the UK market, enabling even the smallest altnets to think beyond speed and offer new managed services that differentiate them in the market. We are delighted that UK providers are reaping the benefits of the Calix Revenue EDGE, a tried and tested solution that will help them increase ARPU, create upsell opportunities, increase subscriber satisfaction and eliminate churn.

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