Big plan, bright future: Verses Technologies (VERS.NEO) signs a heavy-weight

Verse Skills (VERS.NEO) is a $38 million next-generation AI company providing foundational technology for the contextual computing era.

Modeled after the design principles of the human brain, Verses’ flagship product, KOSM™, is a network operating system for creating distributed intelligence.

KOSM transforms disparate data into a universal context that facilitates trusted collaboration between humans, machines and AI across digital and physical systems.

KOSM is designed to make things flow.

But it’s not a toilet or faucet, it’s a plumbing system.

Companies like Tesla, Alphabet, and Snap are investing billions of dollars to improve the way AI interacts with the real-world environment.

December 1, 2022 Verses Dr. Carl PrestonThe University College London professor of neuroscience joined the company as chief scientist to lead and oversee advanced AI research and development.

Freestone is ranked. #1 most influential neuroscientist in the world by semantic scholar In 2016, he embarked on a distinguished and brilliant scientific career (this article will double in size to list his honors, achievements, and publications).

On December 14, 2022, the Verses AI Research Group, a dream team of computational neuroscientists and AI PhDs, published a groundbreaking research white paper titled “Designing an Intelligence Ecosystem from First Principles.”

The thesis presents a vision and roadmap for AI based on the field of research. active reasoning. KOSM uses the Active Inference framework as the basis for its AI decision-making and planning capabilities.

“Today’s AI models are tailor-made for a narrow set of problems. For example, a model designed to alleviate traffic congestion cannot be applied to identify medical problems in X-rays,” says VERS.

“Operational active reasoning is a two-sided belief update and propagation process: inferring the state of the world that produces data and inferring the best plan for actively gathering more data,” says Friston.

“We are moving out of the information age. This powerful science is the foundation of our KOSM platform,” Verses CEO Gabriel René confirmed. It provides unprecedented insights, recommendations, and autonomous capabilities to enhance any application in any industry.”

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“Verses’ mission is to create a smarter world where the power to design and deploy AI extends beyond people with big data to people with big ideas,” René added.

A month ago, Verses “announced a partnership with Blue Yonder, a digital supply chain and omnichannel commerce fulfillment specialist empowering more than 3,000 retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers worldwide.

VERSES is expected to equip warehouses and distribution centers with adaptive intelligence and Spatial Twin management applications designed to create unified, real-time world models to better simulate and orchestrate workflow optimization, verifiable traceability and intelligent automation. ”

One of the Verses spatial computing applications is the Wayfinder app powered by VERSES spatial networking technology.

Wayfinder can leverage spatial intelligence and AI to create 3D twin models of warehouses to optimize inventory location, storage space and inventory flow to increase efficiency. Here are some of Wayfinder’s benefits and features:

  • Improved inventory turnover: Wayfinder allows workers to select more items within the same allotted working time.
  • Unmatched Compatibility: Wayfinder Compatible with portable mobile devices And hands-free AR.
  • 3D Visual and Voice Guidance: This feature allows pickers to get to the exact location of an item in less time with minimal effort. Rate and connect. Optimal route for workers in real timeReduce travel time between selections.
  • High level of efficiency: with Wayfinder you can Daily order fulfillment can be increased by 50%. It crosses the Distribution Center (DC). Improving DC has positive downstream effects with customer satisfaction, retention and long-term loyalty, leading to rapid and sustained ROI and better profits.”

Last summer VERSES announced the expansion of distribution of Wayfinder spatial order picking software to all 18 of NRI Distribution Inc.’s North American distribution centers.

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NRI (NRI), a leading Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider under a SaaS agreement previously concluded between VERSES and NRI.

This deployment builds on the success of the multi-site Wayfinder pilot program and is an important step in NRI’s growth strategy to provide: Comprehensive logistics services for omnichannel partners Continued commercialization and expansion of VERSES technology in the global supply chain sector.

“Wayfinder improves efficiency by reducing the cognitive effort warehouse workers experience when using text-based applications to locate products within a distribution center,” said René.

“We believe that the VERSES Wayfinder is a game changer not only for us, but for the industry as a whole. Excited about our long term relationship” said NRI CEO Peter McKenna. “Through the pilot, the Wayfinder application added significant and immediate value to our daily operations, guiding warehouse workers to the most efficient path. Almost 40% improvement in individual picking performance.”

On November 23, 2022, Equity Guru Founder Chris Parry said, “Break down the spatial web in easy-to-understand language, explain why we are fundamentally changing the way we interact with the digital world, and why Verses is ready to take advantage of this amazing digital experience.” describes how it was converted”.

“Versus is a great technology company doing really forward-looking things,” says Parry. In fact, many tech-savvy people have no idea what this means.”

This Wayfinder pilot program comes at a time when supply chain disruptions continue to occur around the world, forcing many companies to review and optimize every aspect of their operations.

“Let’s say my job is to pick things up in a warehouse,” said Parry. go to this place. Go there now. 25 seconds left. All it really does is make sure Cindy is faster than Sally.”

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“We can have other systems like this. Okay Cindy, we know you’re walking back and forth and always grabbing paired items together. We’ll talk to the boss and move the item closer to save your trip..”

“If you get people who always buy cat litter and cat litter boxes, maybe these two things should go together. You may need to track your inventory so that you can automatically place an order with your supplier when cat food is almost out of stock. So when supply is low, our system knows that and can pre-order so you don’t miss a delivery.”

“It’s a completely different system than the one used in most warehouses around the world,” says Parry. Currently, systems do not communicate with each other, and factories do not communicate with distribution centers. Trucks traveling between these two locations do not talk to each other.”

“So what we need is a system that takes people like me out of the equation, from soup to nuts to talk, talk, talk, talk. I fully support hired people and robots acting on their own. But at some point, you need a system that’s smart enough that I don’t have to stand in the middle, find what I identified as a problem, and then call headquarters.”

The global AI market is expected to grow to $1.394 trillion by the end of the decade. Despite its successful application, widespread use of AI is hampered by fundamental challenges that Verses is trying to overcome.

“I am not saying to buy or sell Verses.” Parry concluded. I appreciate what they are doing and the way they do it. I think this will be an absolute godsend.”

Full Disclosure: Verses Technologies is an Equity Guru Marketing Client.


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