Best weather apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2022

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Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered on the best weather apps available to download from the App Store.

A recent article in The Independent reveals the British spend four months of their lives talking about the weather.

“Woo-ee, it’s really coming down out there.” We’ve all said it at one point or another, standing outside with tennis ball-sized hail pummeling the asphalt.

It would come as no surprise that the weather is the unsung topic for small talk for quick exchanges with strangers and awkward situations where we have to reach something to move the conversation forward.

There’s no doubt that the weather dictates our lives, but with these impressive and intuitive weather apps for iPhone, we can stay in the know.

Weather Channel App: Free and functional

The Weather Channel app is for the storm chaser, outdoor runner, concerned parent with children out of state or abroad, allergy sufferers, and newscasters.

Essentially the Weather Channel app the Hub for all weather For example, it details the current temperature with a feels like Gage for days when the thirty-degree Fahrenheit reading feels more like negative thirty due to wind chill.

It also includes hourly and daily projections of how long these major weather events (rain, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) will be in effect.

Weather Channel App

Weather Channel App

Scroll down, and you’ll see metrics for wind, humidity, dew point, pressure, UV index and sunrise/sunset. For the runner or allergy sufferer, a Health and activities subheader details whether the weather is good enough to run at the moment, and if a potential allergy threat is nearby.

Weather Channel App

Weather Channel App

Scroll on, and you’ll find another subheading detailing outdoor conditions.

Chill index is especially important for the dog walker or runner. If your hands and buttons were cracked and dry, check out dry skin index to confirm if it really is a very high concern.

Weather Channel App

Weather Channel App

For those who live in polluted areas, this app serves as a helpful indicator of the current air quality. If you live in Los Angeles and the pollution rating is severe, consider swapping your outdoor jog for an indoor workout next to your trusty air purifier.

For parents with children who live out of state or abroad, follow all your loved ones by their current city of residence Favorites.

Weather Channel App

Weather Channel App

Gone are the days when your love language scraped your son’s windshield before he slid into high school. Now, empty-nesters can take similar measures by opening The Weather Channel app and texting Jimmy — “Looks like that hurricane is going to hit you in a few days. Do you have your hurricane shutters on?”

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The app also includes a live radar and map. To see the projections for when exactly that storm will hit where you are, click there play Button to watch the storm by the hour.

In addition, the app offers the ability to push significant weather alerts to your phone. You can choose which alerts you want to be notified about.

To toggle these alerts:

  • Open the Weather Channel app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the alarm bell icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Manage

From here you can choose which events you want notifications for:

  • Significant weather
  • Change Ahead
  • Real time rain
  • lightning strike
  • Government issued alerts
  • Breaking news
  • Daily rain/snow alerts
  • Pollen

Tap the simple “On/Off” button to turn notifications on or off for any given weather event.

For the pro weather tracker that Intel wants on everyone – and we mean it all Weather around the world, the Weather Channel app is the app to download. The biggest strength of the app is also its weakness.

Being the hub that it is, including short news clips and flu tracking in your area, it has two problems. It takes at least three seconds to open – bad news for the wildly impatient, and the app give up often, especially during video playback.

Weather Channel App

Weather Channel App

However, due to the grandiose, all-encompassing nature of the app, these minor bugs can be easily overlooked.

RadarScope: Meteorologist and FAA-approved

RadarScope is next level for weather aficionados, and for those who have a basic understanding of atmospheric science – or like to learn.

If you’ve graduated from the Weather Channel app with a thirst for more precision and detail, RadarScope is of the professional-grade weather tracking variety. In fact, it is available in the App Store as a utility for Weather enthusiasts and meteorologists.

The app reflects data from the Next Generation Weather (NEXRAD) and Terminal Doppler Weather (TDWR) radars in the United States and around the world.

NEXRAD is part of a 160-string network of high-resolution S-band Doppler weather radars operated by the National Weather Service.

TDWR is operated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is used by air traffic controllers. Its interface looks government-themed, similar to radars used in the military.

These are the same radars that meteorologists and scientists use to track weather systems. Holding a ranking of #1 in weather on the App Store, this app has no choice but to be reliable.

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RadarScope App

RadarScope app

The user is able to track weather systems with maximum accuracy, even at street-by-street level.

RadarScope provides real-time lightning data and up to 30 frames of radar data, including extended loops of super-resolution data.

Subscribers have access to a data query tool that adjusts data values ​​for radar pixels, as well as a very competent multi-pane mode that gives users the ability to evaluate two to four radar products side by side.

Apple Watch users, be aware that the app may not be reliable without your iPhone nearby. This means that if you are on the run, the radar may not load before you are caught in that avoidable rain.

RadarScope’s Pro Tier 1 has an annual subscription fee of 9.99, is compatible with iOS 14 or later, and is a 35.6 MB download.

Apple’s Weather App: No Frills

For those overwhelmed by RadarScope and The Weather Channel app’s many features, Apple’s more simplistic Weather app might be for you.

First, it has a beautiful, clean-cut interface.

Apple's Weather App

Apple’s Weather App

When it rains or snows, rain and snow travel across your screen. This is a particularly cool feature, reminiscent of the moving portraits Harry Potter.

Like the Weather Channel app, it provides an hourly weather forecast and 10-day forecast.

Apple's Weather App

Apple’s Weather App

There are also some bells, such as feels like feature (and even cooler, what for it could be two degrees cooler).

It also includes UV index, sunrise and sunset, wind, precipitation, humidity, visibility and pressure. Comparatively, you can easily add your favorite places to check on your loved ones out of state or abroad.

Both apps give the weather aficionado the option to turn off weather alerts. To turn off alerts for Apple’s Weather app:

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Weather, then tap All the time. This way, you will be notified when certain weather events are coming your way.

Apple’s Weather app comes with your phone and is compatible with iOS 10 or later.

Carrot Weather: Wisecracker weather fun

In three words, carrot weather is wisecracker again fun. Whether you are a comedian or just looking for a daily laugh, Carrot is for you.

Its design is similar to Apple’s Weather app, with bright colors and a simplistic user experience. Its in-app prose and style is eyebrow-raising, and—it hopes—gets a nod or two during your daily commute.

It is advertised as much more than a weather appwhere the user can “Activities completed to strengthen [their] Interact with homicidal AI, follow clues to track down 100+ secret locations [and] film [their] own TV news-style weather report videos.”

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Its creative nature is unlike any weather app out there. For those looking for a laugh, its age rating is 17+ for mild sexual content, suggestive themes, profanity, and crude humor.

Upon downloading and opening the app, the user has the ability to customize their own personality preferences, ranging from professional to overkill.

Carrot App

Carrot App

The user quickly finds that Carrot, more of an entity than a utility, is their new overlord. It provides important messages upon entering the app, such as this one:

Carrot App

Carrot App

If carrot has a bit too much Personality for you, feel free to turn off their sassiness.

To boost endorphins in the brain, the app also offers achievementslike experiencing your first snow – which serve as a clever incentive to visit the app again.

However, its whimsy does not overwhelm its professional quality functionality.

Carrot offers features such as radar, storm cells with direction tracking, weather fronts, and a cool feature called Cards that lets you customize your weather notifications.

If you are afraid that Zeus will strike you, for example, you can choose to be alerted when there is lightning within a certain number of miles of your location.

Carrot app

Carrot app

All in all, Carrot overflows with personality and is a privacy-conscious app.

Carrot Weather offers free and premium ($19.99) versions, is compatible with iOS 13, and is a 226 MB download.

MyRadar Weather Radar: Radar-centric app

Like the RadarScope app, there is a learning curve to using MyRadar Weather Radar due to its impressive real-time radar presentation from the home screen.

Upon opening the app, instead of a daily or 10-day forecast, the user is confronted with a live radar.

This is exciting for some, but might be overwhelming for others looking for a simple, written one raining/no rain predict.

MyRadar app

MyRadar app

Instead, the user must zoom in to see where the applicable weather systems are.

Click through each widget at the bottom of the screen to find out what each selection does. Once these are committed to memory, operating the app is a breeze.

One particularly cool feature that the Weather Channel app mirrors is the videos function, shows all relevant and recent weather news in the country.

The app provides more than enough information for the weather forecaster. Centered on a large, zoomable radar of your current country, it includes graphics to see weather trends in real time and beyond.

Like the other apps mentioned above, this app offers customizable alerts for notable weather systems.

MyRadar offers free and premium versions ($9.99 annually), is compatible with iOS 14, and is a 173.6 MB download.

With the above apps, you’ll have all the weather intel needed for the “Phew, showing six feet of snow tonight!” Conversations with strangers.


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