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Are you interested in new jobs in 2022? So today’s explanation is for you. We present the best money promotions of 2022.

At Gadget Flow, we love promotional campaigns. So at the end of each year, we like to look back at the best things we’ve seen. And it was that time; Today, we are highlighting the best money making programs of 2022.

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Crowdfunding projects offer some of the best insights into the future of technology. And if the ElecSuit e-haptic suit is any indication, we could be playing our way into fitness for years to come.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns also show where there is a need for product innovation. The next-gen AVA portable monitor, the LIVALL PikaBoost eBike conversion kit, and the Box by Functionland solve a variety of user problems.

Ready to discover the best money making campaigns in 2022? Keep reading!

1. The ElecSuit e-haptic suit VR games and exercises will be more effective. Ask for $220 on Indigogo.

The ElecSuit is used

Do you want to work less and get better results? The ElecSuit e-haptic wearable can do from 20-minutes of EMS exercises to the equivalent of 1 hour of physical activity. Then, the VR content of the suit will show your performance.

2. FOCI Product Monitor 2 helps you work smarter with 5 critical alerts and more. Buy it for $99 on the company’s website.

FOCI 2 in video

Optimize your work style and FOCI 2 product tracking. This product tool can track daily emotions, attention, stress, distraction, and more using AI. It sends a distraction alert and brings your mind back to the task at hand.

3. The AVA next-gen portable monitor it has a 66-foot range and does not require a pair. Get it for $489 on Kickstarter.

AVA Next Gen Portable 4K 5G Touch Screen Monitor
Ava and Santa

Get more done on the go with the AVA next-gen portable monitor, one of the best investment projects of 2022. This 4K touchscreen doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection and doesn’t need make a pair, to help you work faster.

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4. The eufy Video Security Video Lock combines a doorbell, lock, and camera in 1 device. This project is currently closed. Check Kickstarter for updates.

eufy Video Security Video Lock in black

Need a comprehensive security tool? Go for eufy Security Video Smart Lock. It offers a lock, doorbell, and camera in 1 security device. Intelligent Smart Lock technology takes your home security to the next level.

5. The Moonside Neon Hex dynamic modular light provides unlimited lighting using RGB LEDs. Ask for $67 on Indiegogo.

Moonside Neon Hex in video

Brighten up your gaming setup with Moonside Neon Hex. It offers unlimited lighting effects, even music-focused ones.

6. Box by Functionland stores your data online for free. The campaign has ended, but more information can be found on Indiegogo.

Box by Functionland
Box by Functionland on table

Tired of paying for online data storage? Box by Functionland (an Add-on Block Storage tool) lets you say goodbye to subscription, advertising, and tracking costs. It is one of the best investment projects of 2022.

7. The AnkerMake M5 AI Camera 3D Printer accelerates up to 2,500 square millimeters. Coming soon, it will cost $759.

AnkerMake M5
AnkerMake M5 AI Camera 3D Printer on display

Quickly draw 3D structures with AnkerMake M5 AI Camera 3D Printer. It prints at 250 mm/s and delivers up to 2500 square millimeters. It also has a dual strap and AI camera recognition system.

8. The Monitoring the air quality of birds detect CO2 in your home, and you will be safe. Ask for $190.28 on the brand’s site.

Canary in yellow

Read your home’s air quality in a creative way with the Canary air quality monitor. Inspired by the past use of canaries in coal mines, the bird’s behavior changes downward when it senses toxic CO2 in its home.

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9. The Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow improves rest for those who move around while sleeping. Ask for $117.20 on Kickstarter.

Ostrichpillow Bed Access in video

Feel free to sleep on your back, side or stomach when you have the Ostrichpillow Bed Insert. Its innovative ergonomic design and different heights fit the curve behind your neck, which is why it made our list of the best money boosters of 2022.

10. The WOWCube® system lets you play games like Pipes, 2048, and more in 3 stages. Ask for $399 on the official website.

The best investment projects of 2022
WowCube® in the hands of people

The WOWCube® system made our list of the best investment projects of 2022 thanks to its innovative gameplay. There are 24 screens covering 6 sides of the device. You rotate the sides of the dice to play the game.

11. The Rolling Seeds game platform it includes digital games and physical prizes. The campaign is now closed, but you can get updates on the Kickstarter page.

The best investment projects of 2022
Changing the texture on the table

Celebrate family game night with the Rolling Seeds game stand. It includes a smart Play Pot and user interfaces that support play-based learning through fun, interactive games. The Skins have NFC tags that allow point-of-sale inputs for playing games.

12. BLUETTI AC500 is a home-saving power station suitable for home and outdoor use. Asking for $2,999 on Indiegogo.


Be independent from the power grid when you have the BLUETTI AC500 home energy saving station. We made a list of the best money making programs of 2022 because you can use them at home or abroad. The Uninterrupted Power Supply function detects a power failure and allows you to run 99% of your electronics within 20 milliseconds.

13. The Loona intelligent petbot brings a unique toy robot pet into your life. Asking for $359 on its campaign page.

The best investment projects of 2022
Loona and baseball

Can’t have a real pet due to allergies or space limitations? Go for the Smart Petbot Loona. It offers more than 700 stories and has unique features. Let them roam around your home and spend time with your family.

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14. The Ultrahuman Ring wearable track your metabolic health and more. Asking for $272 on Indiegogo.

The best investment projects of 2022
Ultrahuman Ring in use

Keep track of your sleep, exercise and recovery with the wearable Ultrahuman Ring. This stylish fitness wearable includes a heart rate monitor, motion sensor, and temperature monitor. Best of all, there’s no screen so you can see notifications when you need them.

15. The LIVALL PikaBoost eBike conversion kit turns a bicycle into an eBike without any tools. Ask for $339 on Indiegogo.

The best programs of 2022
LIVALL PikaBoost on a bike

Want to maximize a long bike ride? Apply the LIVALL PikaBoost eBike conversion kitAnother one of the best programs of 2022. It can be installed in 30 minutes, fits all bikes, and provides intelligent assistance.

The year 2022 is full of new things. Did you buy any of these devices? Let us know how it works for you in the comments section.

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