BeFootball, the company developing a VR metaverse of football, organizes the first Immersive Football World Cup

  • BeFootball launches SuperPlayer VR and announces the first Immersive World Cup. $3,000 In prizes, users from all over the world can compete from home.

Madrid, Nov 8, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — B soccerA technology company that designs, develops and markets products specifically for the football industry. SuperPlayeravailable for free in Meta Quest collectIt is the first step in the immersive metaverse of football developed by the company.

SuperPlayer is a virtual soccer game with 2 game modes that take place on a virtual soccer field. Among the game modes are goalkeeper A mode where the player becomes the goalkeeper and has to stop shooting as many goals as possible in a limited time and section A mode where the player becomes a striker who has to shoot goals with his head.

All game modes allow competition between users to be the best goalkeeper and striker. In this respect, BeFootball is hosting its first Immersive World Cup. It has won. $3,000 In prizes and users from all over the world can compete from home.

from 20 November to 18 December Users can choose one of the 32 World Cup teams and play matches. (Header and Goalkeeper mode) with other national teams to win the World Cup. The more players play in the World Cup The higher the score, the higher the ranking to win first place. The winner will be announced at the end of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Iker Zuasti, CEO of BeFootball Says: “BeFootball was born to revolutionize football through virtual reality and SuperPlayer is our first big bet: we are developing the world’s first immersive soccer metaverse.”

Football’s first immersive metaverse sponsored by international soccer stars.

The company is developing the world’s first immersive soccer metaverse. at leading professional players such as Marcos Llorente (Atletico de Madrid), Memo Ochoa (Club America), Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) and Charlie Rodriguez (Cruise Azul).

The BeFootball metaverse is based on a combination of gameplay. Virtual reality and football that offers a new way to experience football. It’s aimed at fans who are dissatisfied with being a spectator and who want to be actively involved. without limiting space or time from home and in the first person perspective and the alternative reality and the environment of the future

In BeFootball, users can choose a live experience. Play and compete in new technological sports. Switch to fitness mode to improve their well-being. or train in a virtual academy to become the most perfect soccer player anywhere in the world and Any time. All that is required is a virtual reality headset and internet connection.

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