Apple Wi-Fi chip project shelved in favor of next-gen iPhone and Mac processor development

Apple's new Wi-Fi iPhone isn't getting any time soon.  (Source: Apple)
Apple’s new Wi-Fi iPhone isn’t getting any time soon. (Source: Apple)

Apple plans to ship 16- or 17-series iPhone devices with their own in-house Wi-Fi chips to go with their flagship processors. However, according to an industry analyst, these ambitions have only matched the dreams of the Cupertino giant for the 5G baseband. At the same time, the maximum pressure of the A16 Bionic and the M2 series will increase.

According to industry sources, Apple is working to make as much of the silicon found in its devices – especially its iPhones – in-house as possible. This innovation (probably based on how well the M series for Mac has been doing so far) may be expected to be heavily integrated with OEM hardware because companies like Qualcomm will be in trouble.

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However, it seems that these mobile chipset companies can also rest easy, as Apple is now silent on its plans for official Wi-Fi solutions for its own 5G modems.

Well-known security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the OEM planned to install them to upgrade later iPhones to Wi-Fi 6E or 7; however, their production is starved”material“Thanks to the fact that the new processors are based on advanced 3 nanometer (nm) processes, and all the problems that have been encountered so far.

In addition, the possibility of offering Bluetooth on a first-party chip – which is necessary for iPhone purposes – is too much for a company like the Cupertino-based behemoth.

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Then again, the provider Broadcom is relieved, because the 16 series is set to ship with its wireless chips as before.

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