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In the world of gaming, not everything is always perfect. While many games can offer gamers fun and the whole experience, there are certain times when gaming enthusiasts are looking for more. Sometimes they just want to play a game they like without waiting around to download or install. You want to play the game now, in this moment.

What if there was a way to play your favorite games without having to go through the download or installation process? What if there was a way for game developers to reach more people in the community? What if game developers around the world benefited from new ways to streamline payment solutions?

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In this new review we will look at, the mobile cloud gaming platform that has literally and figuratively taken the world by storm. But first, let’s arm ourselves with information about the cloud. You’ve probably heard of it before.

What is cloud?

The cloud, not where rain comes from, refers to a virtual space around the World Wide Web. This is a storage space where individuals can store their digital resources such as applications, software and files. Put simply, the cloud is a virtual storage space on the Internet. Don’t let the cloud and the internet confuse you. The cloud is part of the internet – which brings us to the term to be defined: cloud computing technology.

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Cloud computing allows people to use digital resources stored in this virtual space over networks. Often satellite networks. It allows individuals to share applications and information without being restricted by their physical location.

The cloud, the internet, and gaming – you can imagine how these things are connected. For now, let’s go to what is all about. Overview is the world’s first mobile Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS for game developers. It allows gaming communities to play games on any operating system or device, share those games instantly on their social channels (you read that right so the whole world knows), and pay in-game through payment channels.

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With, gamers and gaming developers are no longer limited by device, geography, or attribution. This mobile cloud platform for games opens the world of game consumers for developers as it opens up completely new revenue streams.

Several games are available on You think they get it (well, most of the time). There are action games, arcade games, adventure games, role playing games, strategy games, simulation games, puzzle games, casual games, educational games, and card games. for games

With you can practically say goodbye to the hassle of downloading or installing a game before you can play it. introduces nowCloudOS, a system already compatible with existing mobile apps on Android and fully prepared for future cloud OS native apps.

Remember gamers, has nowCloudOS. This feature implements the concept of distributed computing for Android and creates a powerful platform for many cloud-based applications.

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Here is the basic premise of architecture. When the latency and network bandwidth between different devices decreases, it can distribute the computing load to better meet the specifications of each device. This creates a cloud-based platform with low latency.

In addition, works closely with AWS, Nvidia and ARM to develop the nowCloudOS architecture. This distributed architecture enables the use of heterogeneous modes based on cloud availability. This allows it to be rapidly scaled into a global service capable of meeting the present and future needs of game developers and consumers. How about this?

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In addition, plans to make all mobile apps and games available in the cloud within a short period of time. This is made possible as the platform works closely with many companies in the chip ecosystem to develop optimal hardware for various gaming workloads, all supported by nowCloudOS.

In addition, nowCloudOS is working with telcos and phone manufacturers to introduce the Infinity phone, a phone with infinite specs, what else, powered by the vast cloud infrastructure. This phone can transparently move user data and apps between the device and the cloud. Apart from that, it also offers privacy and security to the consumers.

What else can do?

You heard that is not only for gamers but also for game developers who want to expand their reach. With this in mind, what else can do besides its nowCloudOS?

Solutions for game developers

Game developers don’t have to deal with right away due to an easy-to-follow process. They can easily host their games on mobile cloud PaaS and publish the link on their websites. So easy. No additional app modifications are required. Once a game is hosted, mobile gamers can experience amazing gameplays without downloading or installing any apps.

Since they share links to their games, they can also integrate cloud payments. This will undoubtedly enable them to reach the next billion mobile gamers across the social channels they use, be it Facebook, Instagram, Discord and many more.

In this context, also seamlessly integrates its cloud payment innovation into each game, allowing players to use cryptocurrency and digital wallets for in-game purchases with no restrictions on their credit cards. It also offers game developers a higher margin for in-app purchases or IAP commissions and lowers integration costs for multiple devices.

Monetization and Payments also makes it easier for game developers to generate profits, lots of them. The integrated cloud payment systems increase margins on your current earnings and open up new money-making opportunities for these game developers.

Gaming developers, make sure you’re listening carefully. Using’s system, you can integrate the mobile cloud payments to get much higher margins on your current earnings. Fully compliant with existing App Store and Google Play policies, offers these developers a 95 percent cut and increases their margins by 25 percent. What more do you want? Do business with now.

The judgment

Are you ready for Maybe not yet, and one of the questions on your mind will probably be, is safe for your phone and devices? Believe us, we’ve asked the same question before, but after seeing how works, our doubts have disappeared.

It’s always safe to play games on Aside from complying with the privacy policy, your device will not run or download files in the background when playing games on the platform. Furthermore, the game runs on its servers in the cloud, where all the processing and rendering is done. In other words, you can essentially interact with the game over the internet, just like watching YouTube videos in a web browser, whether it’s on your PC, smartphone, tablet or any other device. With this setup, cannot install malware, malicious files, or run malicious code.

You’ve heard from us. Now is the time for you to act. Welcome to your gaming life. With, things will never be the same again.

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