Antarctica Capital and A2D Announce the Formation of eCommunity™

Leading open-access fiber infrastructure platform focused on bringing connectivity to underserved regions and cities across the United States.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Sept. 21, 2022 / — Affiliates of Antarctica Capital (“Antarctica”), an international private equity firm, and A2D, Inc, today announced the formation of eCommunity™ Holdings (“eCommunity ™”) known. ), an open access platform for fiber optic infrastructure in the United States. Recognizing the lack of affordable high-speed Internet access in many areas, eCommunity™ is committed to bringing high-quality gigabit fiber connectivity to underserved regions and cities across the country.

The eCommunity™ open access model ensures that every household and business has access to a high quality fiber optic network on which all service providers can compete to sell services, improving the overall value and quality of service to consumers. eCommunity™ not only brings new Internet options, but enables government agencies and non-profit organizations to deliver digital programs and resources directly to households that otherwise could not afford Internet access. As a broadband provider, A2D aims to create a vibrant and innovative market for telecommunications services that benefits all citizens and promotes economic development in all communities.

eCommunity™ is Antarctica’s first investment in fiber and complements existing investments in new areas, data analytics and digital infrastructure.

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Chandra Patel, Managing Director of Antarctica Capital, said, “Antarctica Capital has a strong institutional belief in and commitment to digital infrastructure and eCommunity™ will be very complementary to our other portfolio companies in these sectors. We have focused on opportunities in the fiber optics sector for some time and we believe that A2D’s focused mission and business model sets it apart and positions the company to capitalize on immense opportunities in this space. We are excited about the Partnering with the A2D team and believing that Antarctica Capital’s commitment and philosophy offers more than capital to help drive the business forward.”

Antwon Alsobrook, Founder and CEO of A2D commented, “When we started deploying our networks in 2008, capital was not readily available for small, minority-owned carriers; especially for open access. With perseverance, we were able to finance small network installations in various markets ourselves and prove that open access is the future. In Antarctica Capital, we now have a partner who understands our vision and is committed to helping us bridge the digital divide between urban and rural America.”

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About eCommunity™ holdings
Founded in 2022, eCommunity™ funds, builds and operates public fiber optic networks across the United States. eCommunity™ networks are carrier neutral and will be well positioned for future growth and the increasing value of data transport. The mission of eCommunity™ is to provide fiber optic infrastructure unhindered by old limitations and enable all future communication technologies. eCommunity™ is led by Antwon Alsobrook, CEO, and Keith Quarles Jr., President, who along with the executive team have decades of experience building and managing broadband infrastructures in the United States.

About the capital of Antarctica
Antarctica Capital is an international private equity firm headquartered in New York. Antarctica Capital is a Registered Investment Adviser dedicated to investing in private markets and real assets and establishing long-term capital vehicles to capitalize on this investment focus. Antarctica’s investment approach is active ownership with an inherent focus on sustainability and providing more than just capital for company development. The firm has an absolute return focus which results in the firm rigorously evaluating and convincing idiosyncratic investment opportunities and creating value through the execution of its investment strategies such as SIGA®SARO® and SEREY™.

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About A2D
A2D is the only open access fiber optic provider owned and operated by African Americans. A2D’s focus is on extending connectivity via fiber to the premise in America’s cities and rural areas. We do this by enabling multiple ISPs to compete with one another by bringing affordable, high-speed, Internet-based services directly to homes and businesses via eCommunity™.

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