Android’s answer to Apple Watch SE

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 runs Wear OS 3 and offers multiple fitness and health tracking features. The all-new Galaxy Watch 5 also features a temperature sensor that is said to measure skin temperature and alert the user to any signs of fever. However, the feature is not very useful and is mainly a gimmick. Samsung also mentioned at launch that the sensor will improve the overall performance of the smartwatch and that the company is working with developers to find more particulate usage of the technology. As such, the temperature sensor is currently not as useful as expected.

As mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes with OS 3. The Wear OS 3 works smoothly on the wearable and it also comes with new editions. For example, the Google Assistant is now available on the smartwatch and works smoothly. Samsung has also improved its sleep tracking software and now uses colorful animals to represent different sleep patterns. You’ll also be given a specific sleeping animal and the health app will then set you up with a four-week course. The course teaches you the importance of good sleep and how you can improve your sleep pattern. With all these built-in features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers a smooth user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 works with the Samsung Health app, which is not new to Galaxy smartwatch users. The app offers a neat, clean and simple user interface. It has a daily activity tracker that keeps track of your steps, activity time and calories burned. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5 has a range of sensors including heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, body composition, stress tracking, SpO2 and snoring detection. The wearable is designed to automatically track multiple workouts and offer a fairly accurate measurement.

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The smartwatch also provides correct data when measuring heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen content. The company has also integrated its famous BioActive sensor into the smartwatch. The sensor monitors your overall health by measuring your weight, skeletal muscle and BMI. As with the predecessor, the feature works very well this time too.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a GPS tracking function. But we’re not really impressed with it as it has more to learn in this department from the likes of Garmin.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 delivers smooth performance that will please many.

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