Alex Albon Leaves the Internet Teary-Eyed With What Could’ve Been An Ode to Super Mash Up “Valentino Daniel Ricciardo Rossi”

Alex Albon sat out the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. This gave Nic de Vries the chance to showcase his talent, and it paid off. However, Albon’s absence has denied us another great helmet design in tribute to one of the greatest racing legends in motorsport history.


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Albon was diagnosed with appendicitis during the Italian Grand Prix weekend at Autodromo Nazionale Monza. This means that the British Thai driver cannot participate in the race. But he recently revealed the cap he was going to wear for the occasion on Instagram.

Alex Albon’s IG post has been suspended, “Looking back at my favorite racing helmet which wasn’t actually a racer’s due to appendicitis but technically still a racing helmet 🪖 a tribute to my childhood hero Valentino Daniele Riccardo Rossi!”

Seeing this, fans took to Instagram and Twitter to share their reactions.

Fans react when Alex Abon unveils the Italian GP helmet inspired by Daniel Ricciardo and Valentino Rossi

The design of the helmet was a nod to Valentino Rossi’s famous helmet design. As it turns out, even Ricciardo wore a similar helmet, but McLaren chose not to go ahead with it due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Let’s take a look at a few of the fan reactions to Albon’s post.

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One fan commented on Instagram, “That’s great, you should use it next year.” While another angry on the helmet design, “Stop🥺 This has cured my illness.”

Fans have also been very vocal with their suggestions, as one fan said, “Use this next year as a tribute to both Daniel and Rossi.”

All in all, fans were taking advantage of Albon’s missed opportunity. “The fact that this didn’t get a race is a crime.”

“Please use this design again, it’s good to never see it on traxk.” Fans couldn’t get enough of Albon’s tribute cover. “Please run this next year at Monza.”

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Fans also took to Twitter to share their reactions.

However, fans also took the opportunity to react to Ricciardo’s helmet design for the Italian Grand Prix.


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Should Alex Albon make this a permanent design in 2023?


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