Air Guitar gets 25 new songs and VR controller support

Unplugged: Air Guitar gets 25 new songs and VR controller support

Image: Vertigo Games

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Unplugged: Air Guitar gets fundamental changes: VR controller support Vertigo Games also added 25 new songs.

Unplugged: The Air Guitar is the best example of that. A control system that is fully optimized for hand tracking.In this VR rhythm game for Meta Quest (2) and SteamVR you will rock a virtual stage with an air guitar. Anotherway development team has done so far without additional controllers. and designed a name specifically for free-handed play

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In the Unplugged: Air Guitar test, handling the VR air guitar by hand was nearly perfect. Even the non-existent feeling of a real guitar has been cleverly resolved. However, VR controllers are now supported.

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Control improves access

The version for Meta Quest and SteamVR received a free update that allows for alternative guitar controls with a VR controller, which is why virtual reality studio and publisher Vertigo Games wanted it. increase access.

Hand tracking works great. But it still needs a few things to work flawlessly, such as proper lighting or even having a standard hand. (Not everyone with 5 fingers is perfect) Some users face this problem and we want them to enjoy the game as well.

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On SteamVR Unplugged: Air Guitar is also supported on the Rift S, Vive Pro VR headsets, and HP Reverb G2 headsets and VR controllers since the “Take Control” update.

The Meta update from Quest 2 to Hand Tracking 2.0 resulted in a significant improvement in accuracy. If hand tracking didn’t work for you till now. It might be worth trying again.

Unplugged: Air Guitar brings new music

The free update also adds over 25 new tracks to the playlist. Vertigo Games has yet to release a track list. But there’s a new overview of the current song highlights. Previous paid DLCs will bring greats like Pantera, Muse, Slayer, and Rob Zombie into the game.

Eine Übersicht über beliebte Music in Unplugged: Ait Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar features rock, punk and metal | Image: Vertigo Games

Originally priced at €25/USD, the game can now be purchased for a reduced price of €15/USD on the Quest Store and €10/USD on SteamVR.


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